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RENPHO Privacy Policy

RENPHO user agreement

Through the health equipment, a smart phone, and cloud intelligence, RENPHO can provide you with unique health services. You can use the relevant features without having to register anywhere. But if you create a RENPHO account and share your information with us, we can provide you with better service. We would have greater insight on the overall health of you and your family, making more targeted recommendations, guidelines, and health reminders. The owner of this application, JOICOM CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as "RENPHO"), is committed to protecting your online privacy. Please read the following statement to find out how your personal information will be treated when you are logged in, registered, and as a user on this App. This privacy statement may change from time to time. Please check it regularly.

How we collect data:

The information we collect is divided into three categories:

(1) The information you provided to us when you register a RENPHO account (the member information you submit, such as member nickname, birthday, height, weight, etc. belong to such data). The main purpose of collecting such data is to enable the system to find health information that is more relevant to you and your family’s specific situation and to analyze your health tendencies for you and your family, giving you a more fulfilling user experience. We will always ensure that the required information is kept as minimal as possible.

(2) We also get information when you use the service. We collect information about the services you use and how you use them, including devices, time, location, IP addresses, unique anonymous identifiers, and so on. The purpose of collecting such information is to allow us to better understand the trends of the entire user group such as regional distribution, the time of use, etc. It allows us to have better insight to optimize the system, and provide users with a better overall experience.

(3) For subjecting to the GDPR (European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation), we ask for your explicit consent to process the health data or another special category of personal data. We obtain this consent separately when you take actions leading to our obtaining the data such as when you pair your device to your account and sync with other fitness apps. You can use your account settings and other tools to withdraw your consent at any time, for example, stopping use of a feature, removing the access to a third-party service, or deleting your data and your account.

Use of personal information:

We collect information in order to provide a better service to all users. The information collected is used to provide, maintain, protect and improve our services, and we use this information to provide you with customized content, such as the recommendation of health information best suited for you. Personal information will be used for the following purposes:

(1) To complete your requirements for a particular service or product.

(2) To provide you with specific services, products or information of RENPHO or third parties (such as RENPHO's partners) through various means (including but not limited to e-mail and SMS).

(3) For the use of user data (such as the number of users, composition, interests, performance, etc.), so that we provide users with better services and products, or to a third party for a legitimate purpose to disclose such statistics. This class of statistics is the user group as a whole, rather than personal information.

Sharing and disclosing of personal information:

None of your personal information, that does not fit the below categories, will be provided to an unrelated third party without your consent. We will generally provide your personal information to the relevant third party in the following cases:

(1) Certain services of this application are provided or co-provided by a partner (such as a company providing a technical service, a shipping company, a mailing company\ etc.). In order to provide you with such services, it is necessary for this application to share your personal information with the partner. If you do not want your information to be shared, you may not use the specific service to refuse to disclose your personal information.

(2) This App may be used in conjunction with third party apps such as Fitbit, Apple Health etc. All or part of the personal information collected may be shared with the third party. If you do not want your information to be shared, you can reject it by not syncing the data to third party apps.

(3) In accordance with the laws and regulations and the mandatory requirements of the government, we must provide your personal information to the relevant judicial or government departments in order to prevent the legitimate rights and interests of others or social and public interests to be seriously endangered and in order to prevent your legitimate rights and interests to be subject to significant harm.

(4) If we have found that your conduct violates the Terms of Service of this website or any use guidelines regarding a particular service or product, or constitutes a material hazard to the legitimate rights and interests of RENPHO.

User rights:

You may at any time, by using your registered user name and password for this application, query, supplement or correct personal information in your application account, or request the removal of personal information from your application account. Your account in this application can be deleted, but this will cause you to be unable to log on to this site and use any of the services on the App in the future.

Information security:

Your account information and files are protected by a password, and only you are personally entitled to that information. We recommend that you do not disclose your password to anyone else. We will not take the initiative to call or take the initiative to e-mail to you to ask your password. Any suspicious data transmission over the Internet or wireless network cannot be absolutely guaranteed against. So, while we are doing our best to protect your personal information, we cannot confirm or guarantee the security of the information you transmit to us or the information of our online products or services. You are responsible for the above actions. Once we receive the information you have transmitted, we will do our best to ensure that it is safe in our system.


We are not responsible for any of the following circumstances:

(1) Any disclosure of personal information made under the laws and regulations or the mandatory provisions of the government.

(2) The disclosure of any personal information resulting from the fact that you have communicated the user's password to another person or shared the account with others.

(3) Any personal information disclosure, loss, misappropriation or tampering caused by any force, such as a hacker attack, a computer virus intrusion or attack, temporary closures caused by government control, etc., which affect the normal operation of the network.

(4) Any legal disputes and consequences arising from the disclosure of personal information caused by companies we do not own or control, as well as the persons we do not employ or do not manage.

Amendments and Interpretations of this Privacy Statement: This privacy statement may be modified from time to time. The right to modify this privacy statement and the final interpretation of the right is owned by JOICOM CORPORATION.