You’ve finally bought your RENPHO AI Smart Bike and you’ve readied everything—from your water bottle to your dedicated Netflix tablet, but have you ever wondered, “Wait a minute. What do exercise bikes help with aside from losing weight?”
Simply choosing between an easy, intermediate, and hard workout can be a lot tougher to decide when everyone’s body fitness is built so differently. That’s where Functional Threshold Power (FTP) comes in!
If you already own a RENPHO Smart Body Fat Scale, you will remember needing to provide your height, weight, age and gender at the beginning in order to customize the calculation of 13 body composition indexes to your body type. However, there is also a less well-known feature called Athlete Mode that factors in whether you live a highly active lifestyle.
Skipping should be fun and free from the frustration of getting all tied up in knots. Because we don’t want to leave anything to chance, we’ve created a handy guide for sizing the length of your RENPHO Smart Jump Rope correctly: