A sleek Elis Nova Smart Scale in black, displaying body measurements such as weight, body fat percentage, and muscle mass on a blue LCD screen, paired with a smartphone showing a sync data app screen by Renpho. (A)

Elis Nova Smart Scale

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An infographic titled "18 metrics to help reach your health goals" features a Renpho Smart Scale on a wooden floor connected to a smartphone via Wi-Fi connectivity. It lists "5 body goal metrics.
Four digital weight scales, including a Renpho Smart Scale, displaying various health metrics like weight, body fat percentage, and BMI. Text promotes the ability to tailor measurements to personal goals. Scales
Person standing on a Elis Nova Smart Scale, checking their health metrics on a smartphone app displaying weight, BMI, and other body measurements with "weigh now & sync later via Wi-Fi" text above
A smartphone displaying a financial app with goal tracking and investment options, resting on a wooden table next to a sunny window, with text overhead reading "detailed guidance to reaching your goals," alongside a Renpho Elis Nova Smart Scale.
A person checks a Renpho Elis Nova Smart Scale on their wrist, displaying a heart rate of 87 bpm. Below is text "sync with fitness apps & Apple Watch," with app icons like MyFitnessPal and Fit.
A Renpho Elis Nova Smart Scale with an LED display showing the weight, a battery icon at 58%, and a Bluetooth symbol. The scale is glossy black, reflecting a room with wooden floors.
A modern digital Renpho Elis Nova Smart Scale with a sleek black design, located on a wooden floor next to a bed. The display on the scale shows "1.2" and has illuminated indicators for
  • Data Readings Display: The Renpho Smart Scale allows you to track 7 different body measurements, including weight and BMI, directly on the vibrant TFT LCD display, by connecting it with the Renpho Health App.
  • Personalized Avatar: You can select an avatar in the app, which will then be displayed on the scale, personalizing your health tracking experience.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: The scale integrates with Wi-Fi to automatically upload your health data to the cloud, facilitating easy access and helping you stay engaged with your wellness goals.
  • Comprehensive Body Analysis: It offers 18 body analysis metrics through the Renpho Health App, providing detailed insights into your health and progress towards fitness goals.
  • App-Enhanced Health Management: The app not only tracks body metrics but also allows you to log food intake, aiding in dietary management and comprehensive health oversight.
  • ITO Technology: This technology enhances the scale’s accuracy by improving electrical conductivity, ensuring more precise measurements of body composition.