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RENPHO Shiatsu Kneading Seat Cushion Massager with Vabration and Heat Function, Relieve pains, Soothes Tight and Stiff Muscles, Deep Tissue massage for Back Waist Buttocks and legs

RENPHO Electric Seat Cushion Massager
  • $69.99


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RENPHO Heated Vibrating Shiatsu Sitting Cushion Massager
With a high-quality motor which can provide an extremely deep kneading massage. It can effectively help relieve the aches and pains caused by sedentary or sports in your waist, back, thigh and the detachable bottom cushion makes it can also be used flexibly for other body parts. Kneading massage with heating and vibration function also can promote blood circulation, relax stiff muscles, warm waist abdomen, is the best choice for personal use and give as gifts.

Enjoy the Functional Shiatsu Kneading Massger
Let RENPHO Kneading Cushion Massger drive away your tiredness, You deserve to have a RENPHO massager to get a massage therapy right in the comfort of your own home or office.

High-quality Motor: 4 rotation nodes with a high-quality powerful motor which up to 2400 pulses per minute can extremely provide a deep tissue comfort massage.

Deep Kneading: The massager change directions every minute, work wonders to relieve pains, muscles tense, waist soreness.

Soothing heated: Infrared heating mode can be on/off independently. Soothing heated can enhance blood circulation.

Adjusted Vibration: 2 Vibrating levels intensity help the massage to the ultimate.

An Easily and flexibly Use Massager

Simple 2 buttons on the massager
ON/OFF: It controls ON/OFF, the rotation and heating function.
VIBRATE: Adjust the 2 vibration intensity.

Detachable bottom cushion
Bottom cushion with zipper, can be easily disassembled according to personal preference.
Except massage the back, waist, lower back, make it can also be used flexibly for relieving muscle tension, spasms, aches and pains on your neck, legs, thigh, calf, foot.

Specifications of RENPHO Shiatsu Massager
Suits for most chairs and made of 3D Mesh Fabric. The breathable mesh fabric promotes heat penetration. Let you enjoy the most comfortable massage.
Packing Size: 18*16.9*7.9 Inches
Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60H
Adapter Output: 12V 2A
Power: 24W
Package Content: Sitting Cushion Massager, Power Adapter, Car Adapter, User Manual

In the office
Are you doing a sedentary job? You must surely know that it is bad for your health. RENPHO sitting cushion massager can help you get rid of this trouble. Liberate your hands and allow you to enjoy the massage on the waist, back, and buttocks while working.

Promote blood circulation, relax stiff muscles, make your work more healthy.

At home

After morning exercise, gym, or a whole day working, back to home, enjoy a deep massage provided by the RENPHO massager.

What a great day!

In the car

The massager equipped with a car adapter. Can help relieve stiffness and soreness from the longtime drive.

NOTE: Do not use in the driver seat. It is very dangerous to use while driving. Put it in the Co-pilot, or back seat.

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