Why You Should Improve Your Exercise Effectiveness with HIIT and Bike Workouts

Why You Should Improve Your Exercise Effectiveness with HIIT and Bike Workouts

Nothing beats the rush of adrenaline and intensity that comes from crushing an indoor HIIT cycling session, these type of workouts bring a satisfying sense of achievement that also provides an engaging cardio rush too!

Incorporating HIIT training as a new approach into your fitness routine will surely make your workouts more thrilling. Here’s everything you need to know about HIIT.

What Is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is rather simple and one of the most useful and widely practiced methods of cardiovascular exercise because it simply requires switching up the intensity of your existing exercise routine with no additional equipment.

HIIT is a combination of short bursts of high-intensity workouts and low-intensity recovery intervals that lasts about 10 to 30 minutes on average. This constant shift in intensity keeps concentration on your time and speed, making your workout more exciting and impactful.

HIIT routines are challenging as you’ll need to work hard and sweat harder with minimal rest between intervals! The key is to push yourself as hard as you can throughout.

Before including HIIT in your training, it is best to consult a professional trainer for their recommendations to know what your limit is so you don’t overexert yourself when starting out.

What Are the Benefits Of HIIT?

HIIT bike workouts have been proven to burn calories, boost cardiovascular performance and even help improve certain medical conditions such as heart disease, asthma and back pain.

With this type of workout, you can expect to experience the same results of a regular workout in much less time by replacing your moderate exercise sessions with the HIIT method.

Here are the main reasons why HIIT could work for you:


  • HIIT workouts help in burning more calories


Running is an example of a steady-state cardio exercise wherein your pulse rate remains at an elevated stable tempo, so you burn calories consistently throughout.

HIIT workouts increase the intensity by spiking your pulse during the cardio session at set intervals, so you burn more calories during your workout and in the after-burn phase (where calories continue to be burned even after exercise).


  • HIIT workouts help to strengthen your body’s muscle groups


Various HIIT workout plans include a wide range of activities for cardio, strength, calorie-burning and more to help exercise the different muscle groups simultaneously. The increased intensity will facilitate muscle development and boost your exercise performance by also developing stamina and endurance.


  • HIIT workouts can enhance your oxygen and blood flow


Your heart circulates blood throughout your body, supplying oxygen and nourishment to your muscles. Incorporating HIIT into your workout can assist and boost your circulatory system while also preventing high blood pressure, chest pain or any discomfort.


  • HIIT will help improve your aerobic and anaerobic performance


Aerobic exercises require you to draw more oxygen into your blood to turn stored carbohydrates into energy and keep the heart pumping so you can exercise over a longer period; this is associated with running, cycling and other cardio fitness.


Anaerobic exercises force your body to draw from existing energy reserves stored in the muscles immediately, which means the body has no time to convert oxygen as a fuel source; this is related to HIIT and other short bursts of fitness.


For this reason, our bodies need to produce energy in the most efficient way depending on the length and intensity of any kinds of physical exercise: both aerobic and anaerobic processes compliment each other.

Interval exercise works the aerobic and anaerobic systems simultaneously, and with just a few sessions each week, HIIT can help you enhance your performance.

Rain or shine, cycling indoors can help you achieve your fitness goals. Working out with an exercise bike not only has various cardiovascular benefits, but it can also help you gain muscle strength and burn body fat while being gentle on the joints

Tips for The Best Exercise Bike HIIT Workout

There are basic guidelines that are applicable to all fitness levels. These tips will encourage you to keep inspired throughout your workout progress:

Keep it consistent. Start with one or two 30 to 45 minutes indoor cycling exercises every week. When you’re ready to add more, your next goal should be consistency. You may increase your sessions to two to four times a week for 45 to 60 minutes each after three to four weeks.

Take your time to warm up appropriately. No matter how badly you want to go right into harder intervals, warm up improves the quality of your workout. Warm-up for 10 minutes or so before adjusting the intensity of your intervals.

Do every HIIT at a very high intensity. Giving your 100% means getting the most out of your workout session. This means you should also always allow enough time to recover between workouts and never do HIIT on consecutive days.

Moreover, there will be episodes when you burn more calories depending on your specific routine (your working hours or rest days, etc.) and your metabolism.

HIIT exercise bike workouts are an excellent way to put your body through its paces, increase your stamina and burn a remarkable number of calories. By adjusting the time of your work out depending on your fitness level, you can improve the efficiency of your HIIT sessions.

After a challenging HIIT workout, it will take time for your muscles to repair and grow stronger. So, you should avoid doing high-intensity interval training every day. It is best to balance out your routine throughout the week instead.

Things to Avoid During your HIIT Exercise Bike Workouts

Hard and intense interval workouts are one of the best ways to improve performance for fitness people who don’t have time to put in the hours required for conventional prolonged exercise. However, here are some factors that make HIIT less effective:


Not having enough time to do warm-ups. When you work out, your body goes through different changes and modifications. It can be exhausting, so you’ll need to prepare yourself to adjust and keep up. Without a warm-up, you may risk possible injuries and get less from your workout.

High-intensity intervals aren’t challenging enough. The success of a HIIT workout is focused on achieving high power outputs and putting a strain on your cardiovascular system. If you don’t put in your full effort during intervals, you won’t be able to see significant results in your exercise.

Too many high-intensity intervals. Please do not attempt to do HIIT workouts 5 to 6 days a week. Allow yourself to adjust to the exercise stress and recuperate from tiredness so that your next HIIT training builds on your previous efforts rather than destroying them.

Additionally, remember to hydrate yourself throughout your workout so you don’t injure yourself and can enjoy a full rest & recovery afterwards. You can benefit from HIIT, but only if you pay attention to what you’re doing before, during, and after your workout.

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