Smart Treadmill

Put In the Miles from Home

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Super-Wide Track

Smart App-Connected

Run Anytime from Home

4 Exercise Modes

No Limits, No Excuses

Get a workout anytime you want and entirely on your own terms. This treadmill takes you further with smart app-integrated courses that allow you to run from the comfort of home come rain or shine.

A Smarter Workout

Download the free RENPHO Health app and instantly connect to 15 Power Courses that will train you from body rocker beginner to elite endurance runner or design your own course in Create Exercise by customizing the speed and gradient curve yourself.

Train Your Way

Go freestyle by adjusting settings on the fly using Manual Mode. Or set a Target Exercise so your run won’t end until you’ve met your goals whether it’s running the full distance, enduring a time limit, or meeting the calories burned requirement.

Heart Rate Monitor

Get a quick reading of your health data by gripping the handrail at any time during your workout so you can stay motivated throughout your entire run and stay within the ideal heart rate zone for achieving your HIIT training goals.

Adjustable 1-18 Levels Incline & 0.6-11.0mph Speed

Level 1-6 Flat Road Mode

Level 7-12 Climbing Mode

Level 13-18 Mountaineering Mode

Extra Safe Without Extra Space

18-inch super-wide running belt ensures you keep your feet in front of you, side handrails provide extra grip support and safety key puts the brakes on in case of emergency. Vertically folding design also keeps your home tidy when not in use by reducing the occupied floor space by up to 50% when stowed.

The Little Things You’ll Love

Shock-Absorbent Design

2 PVC cushions and 6 rubber pads at the base of the treadmill ensure a comfortable run that protects your knees at all times.

Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

Connect your smart device via Bluetooth and play your own music while training through the treadmills control panel.

Safety Key

Get instant peace of mind by clipping to your body and minimize the risk of harm from accidental tumbles. Take the safety key with you when not in use to prevents little ones from operating the device.

Transport Wheels

Wheels located at the base of the treadmill provide more storage options when not in use, simply fold away and move!