Cordless Teeth Whitening Kit (32LED)

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Upgraded Multi-Light Treatment

Designed to accelerate the whitening process without harming the teeth or damaging enamel

- Blue Light: Whitening Mode

- Red & Blue Light: Sterilization Mode

- Red Light: Deodorization Mode 


Remove Teeth Stains

See immediate results in just one week when using just 16 minutes a day and effectively remove stains caused by coffee, wine, soda, tea or cigarettes


Ideal for Sensitive Teeth

Contains 35% Carbamide peroxide and specially formulated to be safer to tooth enamel than teeth whitening strips, pens, powder and toothpaste


Travel Friendly

Portable, convenient and waterproof design lasts up to 8 treatments when fully charged


Comfortable Fit

LED Teeth Whitening Mothpiece conforms fit any mouth, allowing you to comfortably whiten the upper and lower teeth