Shiatsu Foot Massager with Adjustable Heat


Our two feet do a lot for us. The Shiatsu Heated Kneading Foot Massager ensures we’re never held back by achy or sore feet. Relax at the end of your day with this heated, kneading massager that’s easily cleaned with a detachable cloth cover and controlled with a wireless remote to your liking. There’s no better way to end your day, we promise.

Key features

  • Adjustable pressure and circulation
  • 3 kneading and 3 squeeze intensities
  • Easy care with detachable cloth cover

Did you know

A daily massage regime can improve blood flow throughout your body, relieve chronic foot pain, and help with neuropathic foot numbness. 

  • Tap the touch buttons with your toes to adjust the pressure and circulation
  • Foot holds are designed for comfort and are able to fit up to size US12 mens feet.
  • Share the foot massager with others! Easy clean with the removable, washable cloth covering.
  • Tailor your massage session to your liking with 3 circular kneading and pressure intensity options with or without heat!.
  • Set an automatic timer to end your session.
  • *User Tip. Please note that the heat function is manufactured according to International safety standards, which limits how fast the product can heat up. Therefore, it may take 7-10 minutes before you can feel the heat.

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