Blood Pressure Monitor BPM002

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Talks and plays music:

This blood pressure machine will play relaxing music in the measurement process and talks your readings in a pleasant voice. It can help users relax and make the process of measuring your blood pressure more enjoyable to result in more accuracy. You can also easily turn off the audio.

Average of 3 times constantly measurements mode:

It automatically takes the average of 3 times constantly measurements to provide optimal precision and accuracy. It enables very fast and reliable measurement of blood pressure and pulse through the oscillometric method. And it delivers your results in under 45 seconds while displaying your healthy range with the AHA indicator.

Large cuff:

The Wide-Range Self-Checks cuff will fit any adult’s arms between 8-3/4" to 15-3/4" (22 – 40 cm) in circumference. This soft cuff is designed for a more comfortable measurement. It also detects irregular heartbeats and will alert you with a warning signal on the screen.

Easy-to-read large display:

The large, bright, back-light LCD screen with large numbers displays all measurements clearly even in a dark room. It is a fully automatic, one-button operation digital blood pressure measuring device for at home use or in your doctor’s office.

2 users (a or b):

Easily switch between 2 Users (A or B). Keep track of your readings with the RENPHO BP machine. It records and stores up to 120 readings each for 2 users with date and time stamp. It comes with a storage bag, cuff, user manual, 4 AAA batteries, and a micro USB cable.