RENPHO 300ML Cordless Water Flosser Dental Teeth Cleaner

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Take control of your dental care!

  • The RENPHO water flosser provides the continuous power of 1400-1800 water pulses per minute. Combined with high pressure and pulse flow technology, it cleans the area between teeth and gums that is not reachable by traditional toothbrushes. Its professional design makes it more effective than traditional dental floss while being gentle on gums.

  • Deep Clean Every Corner
    The RENPHO water flosser easily gets rid of unsightly and embarrassing food residue stuck between your teeth, which can cause plaque and bad breath. Plaque can lead to bleeding gums and even more problems. With high-pressure pulse technology, the RENPHO water flosser removes up to 99.9% of plaque to protect your oral health.

Powerful Steam

With water pressure up to 120 PSI, the RENPHO water flosser allows you to flexibly adjust the pressure setting with a simple mode button on the handle.
Four operational modes.
The 360° rotating tip helps clean your teeth from any angle.

Large and Detachable Tank

Detachable and convenient tank so you can easily clean it.
The reservoir holds 10 ounces for 75 seconds of flossing time.
With an exclusive patent, the internal leakproof drainage design prevents any undesired leaks.

Detachable Battery

A specially designed power button prevents you from turning it on when you don’t want to.
Portable size, lightweight, and a USB charging design make it ideal for travel.