A blonde woman in a light blue tank top uses a RENPHO US RENPHO 6D Neck Massager with Heat. The navy blue device, accented with light gray straps, wraps around her shoulders, emitting a red glow from the activated heat therapy. The control panel is visible on the left strap.
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RENPHO 6D Neck Massager with Heat

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A person with short blonde hair is shown from the back using a RENPHO 6D Neck Massager with Heat by RENPHO US with four red heating nodes. Text on the image reads, "Innovative 6D Massage Technology" with benefits highlighted as "45% Massaging Area" and "28% Comfort". The background is light blue.
A woman with short blonde hair uses a RENPHO US RENPHO 6D Neck Massager with Heat, featuring two glowing heat levels. The image text reads "2-Level Soothing Heat" with descriptions for "Low Heat (109°F)" and "High Heat (118°F)." This portable neck massager offers deep kneading massage, adjustable via the control panel buttons.
An infographic promoting the RENPHO US RENPHO 6D Neck Massager with Heat. The main image centers on the massager, highlighting its large 45% massaging area. Below, icons and text detail its features: latest 6D massage structure, hands-free wearable design, cordless and rechargeable, and compact & lightweight.
A person with short blonde hair is wearing a light blue quilted vest and using a RENPHO US RENPHO 6D Neck Massager with Heat on their upper back and neck. The room has a modern, minimalist design with a sofa in the background. Text beside them highlights the benefits of the massager for muscle rejuvenation, circulation, and pain relief.
A woman with short blonde hair uses a RENPHO US RENPHO 6D Neck Massager with Heat, a blue cordless neck massager, around her neck and shoulders. The device is also shown close-up on her back. Two additional images highlight the RENPHO massage components and its use on different parts of the body. Text reads: "Full Body Relaxation.
A close-up of a hand interacting with the control panel of a RENPHO 6D Neck Massager with Heat by RENPHO US. The control panel, illuminated in blue, features buttons labeled "Power," "Heat" (with temperature settings 10°F and 19°F), "2 Intensity," and "2 Mode." The words "Intuitive Controls" are displayed above.
A woman with short blonde hair, wearing a light blue sweater, is sitting on a couch and smiling while holding a blue and white gift box. A man with short brown hair, wearing a gray shirt, sits next to her, smiling at the RENPHO 6D Neck Massager with Heat by RENPHO US. The text above them reads "Pamper Your Loved Ones.
  • Genuine Professional Neck Massage - RENPHO cordless neck massager meticulously crafted with insights from 200+ massage therapists. Exclusive 6D deep kneading massage structure increase the area of neck and shoulder massage by 45% and comfort by 28% to relax your neck, shoulder and back.


  • Experience Cordless and Hand-free Neck Massage with RENPHO Wearable U-Neck Buddy Massager. Engineered for portability and power, this innovative neck massager is compact in size but mighty in performance. At only 2.3 lbs, its lightweight design ensures comfortable wear around your neck, thanks to adjustable straps that fit all sizes. You can take it to the office, or on a road trip, enjoy a neck massage anytime.


  • 2 Levels Soothing Heat - This shiatsu neck and shoulder massager quickly heats up to 109°F/118°F. Experience quick release of muscle tension and relaxation with a neck massager designed to improve circulation and pain relief. Improve sleep quality by using RENPHO's neck and shoulder massager before bed.


  • High Quality Battery Provides Long-lasting Using Time - Adopts with high quality 2,200mAh lithium battery, Renpho massager for neck and shoulder with heat can meet a week of 10 minutes daily use by one fully charged. And the cloth cover of massage heads is detachable for cleansing, keeping neck massage clean & fresh always.


  • Perfect Birthday Gifts For Women and Men - Enjoy an exciting unboxing experience with RENPHO, well-known for the highest quality products and the best customer service.