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RENPHO Rechargeable Air Compression Leg Massager for Circulation


Enjoy your Rechargeable Air Compression Leg Massager everywhere and anytime

If you stand or sit for long periods of time, unable to get exercise, or are suffering from soreness from athletic training, you may suffer from leg pain, edema, varicose veins, or poor circulation. The RENPHO Rechargeable Air Compression Leg Massager can help!

This Rechargeable Air Compression Massager is a new way to relax your legs. Using it 15 minutes once or twice daily can reduce leg edema, relieve muscle fatigue, and improve blood circulation and exercise recovery. It can be flexible used on your feet, calves and thighs. Multiple massage modes can give you different massage experiences, while the portable design allows you to enjoy it anywhere anytime. Saves time and money!


Why I choose RENPHO Rechargeable Air Compression Leg Massager

1. This calf massager provides 3.5 hours of battery life on a 2-hour charge.

2. 2*2 airbags deliver an optimal massage experience for your legs. Relax your legs and reduce edema

3. 3 massage mode and 3 intensities can be customized to your preference

4. Wraps are adjustable to fit any leg size. Calves wrap size is up to 29.1 inches in circumference. available to use on thighs, feet, and arms

5. It’s made from durable and safe materials including PU leather so it’s easy to clean.



    How this Air Compression Leg Massager massage your legs?

    This Rechargeable Air Compression Leg Massager with 2*2 airbags massages your legs by inflating and deflating. The wraps size is up to 29.1 inch in circumference, so you have the option to massage your thighs, feet and arms.

    This Leg massager can compress your muscle and improve blood circulation when inflating, helping to reduce leg edema, relieve muscle fatigue, and promote exercise recovery.




        Who can use it?

        1. People who suffer from varicose veins, edema, swelling, or poor circulation

        2. People who stand or sit for long periods of time

        3. Women who often wear high heels

        4. Active people in need of exercise recovery

        5. Middle-aged and elderly people


        Powerful Motor and Safety Design

        Start relaxing today with the RENPHO Leg Massager and get away from suffering!


        • Battery lasts up to 210 minutes on a full charge.
        • Safety auto shut-off after 15 minutes of continuous use prevents massager from overheating.
        • After turning off, allow the massager to cool down before using again.

        Flexible use leg massager

        This leg massager has widely adjustable size so it can be used on different parts of your body. Use it on your calves, thighs, feet, or arms by adjusting the Velcro.

        One pair of the air compression leg massager can be used by the entire family. Save time and money!


          Made from quality and safe materials

          The inner liner is made from soft and safe PU leather. It provides a more comfortable massage experience.

          High quality and specially designed Velcro straps will retain their effectiveness even after 10,000 uses.


          Adjustable to fit any size

          This Air Leg Massager can be change sizes easily using the Velcro straps. Fit any size calves up to 29.1 inch in circumference.

          Adjustable size allows you to use it on your feet, thighs and arms.


          Massage your Legs everywhere and anytime

          This Leg Massager for circulation allows you to massage your legs while relaxing or before sleeping. It helps reduce your physical and mental fatigue and improve sleep quality.

          It comes with a mesh bag to carry easily, take it with you while traveling, so you can experience the benefits with you anywhere.

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