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Renpho WNM008-W White Noise Sleep Sound Machine for Baby




    Who Needs a White Noise Generator?


    • Babies
    • Light sleepers
    • Snorers
    • Gray
    • Tinnitus Sufferers
    • Dizziness and Vertigo Sufferers
    • ADD & ADHD Sufferers
    • Pets

    30, 60, 90 min Auto-off Timer & Memory Function

    This sound machine for sleeping has a 30, 60, or 90 min auto-off timer. Choose your desired sound, adjust the volume, and set the timer to your preference. The sound machine will then play non-looping soothing sounds.

    The memory function allows you to quickly play your favorite sound each time you use it, it would also remember the most recent volume and timer setting.


    Traffic, construction noises, loud housemates or neighbors, partners who snore. RENPHO white noise sound machine can help drown all those noises out so you’re less likely to be disturbed while sleeping or relax.


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