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Smart Tape Measure+

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A series of images showing how to use a fitness tracker and the Renpho Smart Tape Measure+ for tracking body circumference using the Renpho Health app.
Make your measuring routine smarter with the Renpho Health app and the Renpho Smart Tape Measure+.
Rephio Health is a Smart Tape Measure+ that utilizes the Renpho Health app. With the Renpho Health app, users can accurately track their body circumference measurements for a comprehensive view of
A Renpho Smart Tape Measure+ with a large screen that includes the smart body tape measure feature, allowing users to track their body circumference. Additionally, it offers 3 modes for versatile usage.
A woman's progress in body circumference is shown on a screen using the Renpho Health app and the Renpho Smart Tape Measure+.
Four pictures of a woman measuring a package with a Renpho Smart Body Tape Measure+ and putting it in a box.

Comfort and Control Your Way
  • The RENPHO Smart Body Tape Measure boasts a generously sized display, allowing you to measure 12 distinct body areas with precision. This means you can track not only the usual suspects like waist and hips but also target areas like biceps, calves, chest, neck, and more. It's your complete fitness measurement solution.
  • Two Measuring Modes:

  • This intelligent tape measure offers two convenient modes. The General mode lets you measure your 12 body parts with ease. In the Favorite mode, you can add your most frequently measured areas for quick access and even more convenient use. It adapts to your measurement habits.
  • Seamless App Integration

  • Synchronizing your measurements with the RENPHO Health App is effortless. This app, the same one used with RENPHO scales, ensures your data is readily available for comprehensive progress tracking. Visualize your journey with intuitive graphs for trend analysis and goal monitoring. It's your personal fitness companion right in your pocket.
  • Personalized Experience

  • Tailor your interaction with the RENPHO Smart Body Tape Measure to your liking. Choose from 6 character model settings to enhance your engagement with the device. It adds a touch of personalization to your fitness tracking, making it a more enjoyable experience.
  • Convenient Design

  • Designed with your convenience in mind, this tape measure features a retractable Easy-Lock Hook that secures measurements in place. The Easy-to-Grip ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable hold, and the Auto-Unlock detach button allows you to release the tape effortlessly. These thoughtful design elements enable you to measure yourself accurately without relying on others, making your fitness journey more independent and hassle-free.