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Our Global Ambassadors

We welcome top voices in sports, health and fitness from all over the world because our mission to inspire Smart Healthy Living knows no bounds.

MJ Wright

RENPHO Ambassador

Professional Athlete United States

My name is MJ Wright. I am an inspiring professional athlete as I have NFL experience given that I earned a tryout with the New York Giants. I am currently working towards my next opportunity. I am a Fordham University graduate where I obtained a business degree from the Gabelli school of business. I love sharing with viewers my daily life expressing my routine, clothing, fashion, and travel. I share my lifestyle and put out content to influence others!

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RENPHO Ambassador

PE & Health teacher

Hi! My name is Robyn. I am a wife and mom of 3. By day, I am a middle school PE & Health teacher. By night, I am a momager and a family blogger. I am excited to be a Renpho ambassador to encourage others how self-care and other specialized products can have a positive impact on our health - both physical and mental.


RENPHO Ambassador

Content Creator

I'm Ruth, a Content Creator and health enthusiast! I love sharing products that help improve the quality of life of my community. RENPHO is the perfect partner for me to spread my health and wellness tips!

Kira McLendon

RENPHO Ambassador

Personal trainer

My name is Kira McLendon, I am a personal trainer, boxing coach & weight management specialist. I’ve been in the fitness industry for 7 years and still counting. I'm currently in the process of preparing for my first bodybuilding show as a wellness competitor and RENPHO has been the brand to help!

Shannon Kreiter

RENPHO Ambassador

Health and Safety Officer Virginia, USA

My name is Shannon and I am a Health and Safety Officer from Spotsylvania, Virginia. Our Agency is on a journey to bring better physical and mental health to our officers, as Law Enforcement is a unique career path made up of individuals who willingly subject themselves to increased traumatic and/or violent incidents. Creating a program that focuses on overall officer health and wellness has been revolutionary. Introducing programs that help decrease stress, facilitate overall health and provide physical and mental support, we are moving toward a more progressive, health conscience agency. Our partnership with Renpho has afforded our Agency useful tools, such as the Elis 1 Smart Scale and the Eyeris 1 Eye Massager. Used in combination with our other therapies we are able to help our officers’ work toward, reach and maintain better overall health. Breaking the cycles that bind us is not easy but we look forward the change to will propel us through our journey.

Lee Mitchell

RENPHO Ambassador

Certified Personal Trainer Gloucester, UK

Lee, here! As a Qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, I care deeply about my clients; focusing not simply on the physical benefits of a healthy lifestyle but specifically highlighting the mental health and wellbeing that goes hand-in-hand with any worthwhile fitness plan. I’m here to be a personal guide on every step of the journey - wherever your personal journey may start - to wherever your goals aim to take you. My credentials and specialties are: Calisthenics, Plyometrics, Kettlebells, Strength & Conditioning, and Runners Coaching!

Blake Harris

RENPHO Ambassador

Professional Triathlete + Olympic Developer Utah, USA

I am an international athlete training as part of USA Triathlon's Olympic Development Squad “Project Podium” in Park City, UT and Tempe, AZ. I race for Canada as a Junior Elite! I started triathlon at the age of 13 after playing hockey at an extremely young age, training with Manitoba Triathlon Centre. This year I have my goals set on Junior World Championships and building my world ranking as a professional Triathlete.

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Costanzo Spiridigliozzi

RENPHO Ambassador

Surgery Nurse + Professional Cyclist Milan, Italy

Hello! I’m Costanzo from Italy. I have been an avid cyclist since 2010 and a professional racer since 2015. I am a Surgery Nurse by trade, but also a Photography and Cycling enthusiast with a passion for nature and adventure! In recent last years, my dedication has been entirely to my bike training, cycling all across the world. I love to train daily with my mountain bike and for this reason... RENPHO makes an unbeatable partner for aiding my training and recovery!

Seb Pérez Lera

RENPHO Ambassador

Certified Running Coachr Malaga, Spain

I am a certified running coach and passionate about sports physiology, nutrition and advanced training techniques! I am in a constant training process, seeking to expand my knowledge and skills in the field of sports. I have had the privilege of acquiring a solid background at renowned academic institutions such as the University of Minnesota, the University of Kansas, the National Federation of State High School Associations, Flinders University, and the University of Colorado at Boulder. Through these programs, I have gained specialized knowledge in sports nutrition, injury management and prevention, and other fundamental disciplines so that I can help you improve. I have already run in the Chicago, New York, Berlin and London Marathons 🌍 I am on a mission with RENPHO to help you run further, faster and with fewer injuries!

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Jonatan Orozco

RENPHO Ambassador

Olympic Guide and Professional Coach te Madrid, Spain

My name is Jonatan Orozco! I am a 47 year old athlete in the speed tests category and am currently the Spanish champion in the 60 ml and 100 ml events. I also help blind athletes as a guide! In he last Tokyo Games, we earned a Paralympic Diploma in the 200 ml test. Now I am dedicating more time to my facet as a Renpho Ambassador and coach of athletes both with - and - without disabilities!

Naomi Ruff

RENPHO Ambassador

USA Triathlete Illinois, USA

I am an elite triathlete competing for team USAT and a member of the Junior National team. I have been competing since 2019. Originally a swimmer and a runner throughout my club and high school years, I quickly became apart of the triathlon community. I am now a 2x Junior National Champion and 3x Junior Worlds qualifier. I’m currently attending Arizona State University and am a NCAA athlete competing in the newly added D1 sport, Triathlon.

Deborah Chucoski

RENPHO Ambassador

Team USA ParaTri Athlete Corning, New York

I am a ParaTri Athlete competing for Team USA on the national and international level. I am visually impaired so I compete with a guide! My background is in exercise science and strength and conditioning, helping people reach their potential has been a passion of mine for many many years! After studying Exercise Science in college, I worked at a Professional Sports Performance Facility training athletes from NFL and MLB players all the way down to 6 year olds learning to jump rope. Later on, I moved over to Personal Training and worked primarily with the 30-70 year old age range. I truly enjoy getting my clients to feel free and confident.

Susie Ramadan

RENPHO Ambassador

5x World Boxing Champ (WBC,IBF,WIBA,WBF) Australia

Australia's first ever female to win 5 World Titles in 3 different weight divisions! Her journey to create history started when she first captured
The World Boxing Foundation (WBF) in the super bantamweight divison, then winning the World Boxing Foundation (WBF) in Bantamweight division, she then captured both International Boxing Federation (IBF) Bantamweight World Title & WBC World Bantamweight Title.
AUSTRALIAN boxing Golden Girl staked her claim as one of the nations greatest ever female fighters- Susie! a 5 time World Champion in 3 different weight divisions. SusieQ is a real crowd pleaser with a 31 fights 28 wins, a true statement to her first class technique, lightening hands, lateral movement and watertight defense.

Kyle Burns

RENPHO Ambassador

CCOA Canada

I am a Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant and Ocular Hygienist at Merivale Vision Care! I have been working in eye care for the last 11 years. In the last 3 years, I have dedicated my learning to dry eye therapies and treatments. The Eyeris 1 Eye massager is a great tool in our arsenal. Working with RENPHO has been a great experience and I look forward to seeing where these technologies take us in the future!

David Hughes @hughes013

RENPHO Ambassador

Military trainer and Pilot HK

David Hughes is an experienced military trainer and pilot who believes in maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. He earned a degree in Exercise and Sports Science from university and simultaneously achieved several coaching badges. Recently, he has added to his qualifications by completing courses in British Weightlifting, CrossFit, kettlebells, and is currently studying for a diploma in nutrition.
In addition to being a passionate sportsman who has played several sports at a semi-professional level, David also holds coaching badges in football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, and rugby. He has partnered with RENPHO, which has helped him recover more quickly after a long haul flight or an intensive gym session. David's favorite RENPHO product is the leg compression sleeves, which aid in improving blood circulation and reducing swelling after long flights and heavy leg days.

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Danae Dyer @danaaee_

RENPHO Ambassador

Collegiate Athlete United States

Hello! My name is Danae Dyer I am a collegiate Athlete in track and field. I have been competing for twelve years, training in hurdles and sprints! Being a collegiate athlete I have realized how important it is to take care of my body. With my schedule I need something that prepares my body before and after practices to get me ready for the next day. Partnering with RENPHO has helped my body get the training it needs and I now have a platform where I can share my experiences and help others do the same!

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Marco Novo @mfcnovo

RENPHO Ambassador

Amazon Influencer Portugal

Hey, Marco here! I am an Amazon Influencer and passionate smart-tech and gadget enthusiast living over in Portugal. Partnering up with RENPHO has been a breeze... my audience loves the products and trusts the brand! It's a win-win. Head over to my Amazon Page to check out some of my unboxings, reviews and live streams!

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Tim McComsey @trymfit

RENPHO Ambassador

Founder of TRYM Fitness United States

I am the founding owner of TRYM Fitness. Dallas Premier Personal Training and Nutrition Company, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Dietitian. I started TRYM Fitness in 2011 and we have been growing successfully ever since! This is my 17th year in the fitness industry and my scope of work has broadened to being ambassador to Aktiv Solutions (fitness equipment) and Sunwarrior (vegan company). I also contribute to Men’s Fitness Online and Human Fit Project. Through my years in the industry I have placed 1st in several fitness competitions including the 2013 Dallas Europa Men’s Physique. My passion is to empower both men and women to be the healthiest and most fit they can be using various platforms. I have been published in various fitness magazines including Iron Man Mag, Men’s Exercise, The Box, Fitness – Exercise, and Muscle and Performance Magazine.

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Dr.Devon Hoffman @drdevon

RENPHO Ambassador

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist United States

Hello! My name is Dr. Devon Hoffman and I was born in Idaho, USA and have lived in Idaho my entire life. Throughout my career I attended Boise State University where I graduated with a Bachelors of Health Science, followed by my Doctorate at Idaho State University. I am also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA and have been training virtually for many years through my virtual training company "RISE Train" to revolutionize virtual training and bring custom programing to clients around the globe with an emphasis on pain-free fitness. My hobbies include working out (of course), going on hikes, playing soccer, and training my wonderful clients! Renpho has been a fantastic partner in these endeavors by not only keeping my body loose throughout this very busy and active lifestyle, but also allowing me to perform my best when competing for the Men's Soccer Team at Boise State University. Thanks for checking out my about me page, and i’m always open to talking more through email or Instagram DMs!

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Heather @USJapanFam

RENPHO Ambassador

Momfluencing Content Creator United States

From the scooters and sunblock to kitchen gadgets and travel destinations, I provide fun, honest, and thorough reviews to help parents make the best purchases for their families! I’ve been using the Smart Renpho scale for years as one of many tools to monitor and stay on top of my health, and now enjoy their eye massager for some quiet “me time” every night! I used to get plenty of exercise pushing 3 kids in a stroller (including twins) miles a day around Brooklyn, but after moving to the ‘burbs and turning 40, I find a bit more strategy is required in staying fit. The struggle is real, as you know, so I’m excited to see how Renpho exercise equipment can help me, and look forward to sharing my experience and inspiring my community!

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Oliver Jimenez@HoustonMuayThai

RENPHO Ambassador

Pro Muay Thai Boxer United States

As a high level professional athlete, my RENPHO Massage Gun has allowed me to feel loose and stay injury free before + after my training sessions. It is easy to use, effective, and the battery lasts long on one single charge. I honestly wish I was introduced to RENPHO sooner!

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Harrison Slade @harrisonsladefit

RENPHO Ambassador

Personal Trainer and Online Coach England

Hi, my name is Harrison Slade. I’m based in Plymouth, England. I’ve been a Personal Trainer and Online Coach for 5 years now. As a football and rugby player, I train in the gym 6 times per week. RENPHO is essential for my recovery period, which is needed to improve my performance!

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Noa Taieb @NoaTaieb

RENPHO Ambassador

Strategy Consultant + Lifestyle Content Creator United States

I am a 24 year old French content creator living in Los Angeles, CA. I share healthy and elevated lifestyle content with my audience, tackling topics such as food & travel recommendations, fashion and fitness. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I aim to share my experience and knowledge to help my diverse audience feel empowered and accepted. I aspire to inspire my audience to live their lives authentically, healthily and happily!

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Tiffany Tynes-Gonzales

RENPHO Ambassador

Actor / Content Creator / Fitness Trainer United States

Hi everyone! My name is Tiffany and I am an actor, content creator, fitness trainer and founder of my own fitness brand, Fierce Fit Club By Tiffany. I am originally from Memphis, Tennessee and currently on the West Coast motivating people all over the world from multiple social media platforms to teaching fitness classes in gyms, fitness events, and private training. Although I am an actor and professionally trained dancer, fitness has always been a passion of mine. With my career, having a healthy and fit lifestyle has always been a must so getting into the fitness industry professionally was exciting. I have had the incredible opportunity to bring my passion for fitness both on multiple tv shows, including Big Little Lies, to teaching wonderful clients all over California, Texas, and Las Vegas. It is always my goal to continue to inspire and motivate my audience to have a healthy, happy, and FIERCE lifestyle.

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Janine Delaney PhD

RENPHO Fitness Ambassador

Doctor of Psychology United States

“Hi everyone! My name is Janine Delaney. I am a 52 yr. old Dr. of Psychology and mother of two who started my social platforms to motivate others to take care if their minds, bodies and souls no matter what age they are. I recently partnered with RENPHO because I absolutely love their innovative technology products geared towards fitness and being the best version of yourself. I am continually impressed by the quality of the products as well as how they have helped me in my daily life.

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Stavros Matsoukas

Renpho Ambassador

Medical Researcher + Pro Body Builder United States

My name is Stavros Matsoukas, I am a medical graduate from Greece and a bodybuilding athlete. I’m currently working as a researcher and an aspiring surgeon in the United States. Recently, I embarked on a bodybuilding journey, and my experience with serious training is limited to a little less than a year. Notably, I lead a busy lifestyle seeking to balance an academic medical career, personal life, and a healthy lifestyle.

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Jess @BodyPosiGirlGetsFit

Renpho Ambassador

Personal Trainer United States

Hi! I'm Jess. I'm a plus size certified personal trainer and I love teaching my clients and followers how to live a healthy lifestyle through sustainable habits and self love. I love sharing my own journey, recipes, workouts, affirmations and even free challenges on social media to hopefully inspire others. I've been using my Renpho smart scale for almost 2 years now and I love it! Having the ability to track not just my weight but also other important metrics is incredibly helpful when it comes to the mental side of my journey. It's truly helped me see that there is so much more to health and wellness than just that 1 single number.

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RENPHO Ambassador

Key Opinion Influencer Japan

“I love the RENPHO Smart Body Scale, Eye Massager and Mini Massage Gun because they are reasonably priced and easy to use. I'm not very good at stretching, so a product like the Mini Massage Gun helps relax my body all over and is highly recommended!”

Connect with Vienna

Brittany M. “@BMARSZ”

RENPHO Ambassador

Professinal Dancer & Actress Los Angeles, United States

Hi, I’m Brittany aka bmarsz. I am a professional dancer and actress living in Los Angeles with an affinity for skincare and gadgets. I’ve been creating content on the internet for the past 5 years on various platforms including Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok. I make an array of different types of videos because I truly believe you should always do whatever makes you happy in a moment! These videos include skincare, dance, travel vlogs, gadget testing, and lots of comedy fun! 

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Basile G.

RENPHO Ambassador

Professional Badminton Player Paris, France

Hello, I’m Basile Grillet. I have been playing badminton for 8+ years. I play in International Tournaments in the U19 Category and National Tournaments in the Adult category.
Badminton is a very demanding sport for the body. Recovery is a key element to progress, that’s why I use the Renpho R3 Active Massage Gun after every training session and after every competition. All the tips I received with the gun allow me to vary the massage and to adapt the massage on all the muscles!

Ashley K. “@Ashley.Fitness”

RENPHO Ambassador

Content Creator United States

I am a health and wellness creator on Instagram and TikTok with an active engaging audience. I love creating content, making recipes, and love to display my passion for health, fitness, and body positivity. The goal of my platform is to inspire and motivate others as well as make a positive impact. I encourage others to heal their relationship with food and fitness. RENPHO fits into my life because I’ve noticed being physically active has helped me both mentally and physically! When I ride my Al Smart Bike it makes me feel so good and helps my digestion significantly! RENPHO is great for anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Amber C.

RENPHO Ambassador

Body Transformer United States

My name is Amber Clemens! In May of 2018 I began my weight loss journey after a lifetime of yo yo dieting. I stuck to a moderate calorie deficit and focused on movement that brought me joy! By December 2019 I had lost 160 pounds and have been maintaining my weight loss ever since! I share my tips, tricks, recipes and advice on social media in hopes to inspire others looking to achieve their own health and fitness goals! I first discovered Renpho through their Smart Scale and it was a game changer for my journey! Being able to track not only my body weight, but also other important health metrics gave me a better understanding of my entire progress and helped me understand that health is more than just one number! 

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