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Our Global Ambassadors

We welcome top voices in sports, health and fitness from all over the world because our mission to inspire Smart Healthy Living knows no bounds.

Janine Delaney PhD

RENPHO Fitness Ambassador

Doctor of Psychology United States

“Hi everyone! My name is Janine Delaney. I am a 52 yr. old Dr. of Psychology and mother of two who started my social platforms to motivate others to take care if their minds, bodies and souls no matter what age they are. I recently partnered with RENPHO because I absolutely love their innovative technology products geared towards fitness and being the best version of yourself. I am continually impressed by the quality of the products as well as how they have helped me in my daily life.

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RENPHO Ambassador

Key Opinion Influencer Japan

“I love the RENPHO Smart Body Scale, Eye Massager and Mini Massage Gun because they are reasonably priced and easy to use. I'm not very good at stretching, so a product like the Mini Massage Gun helps relax my body all over and is highly recommended!”

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Brittany M. “@BMARSZ”

RENPHO Ambassador

Professinal Dancer & Actress Los Angeles, United States

Hi, I’m Brittany aka bmarsz. I am a professional dancer and actress living in Los Angeles with an affinity for skincare and gadgets. I’ve been creating content on the internet for the past 5 years on various platforms including Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok. I make an array of different types of videos because I truly believe you should always do whatever makes you happy in a moment! These videos include skincare, dance, travel vlogs, gadget testing, and lots of comedy fun! 

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Amber C. “@ALilttleBit_Amber”

RENPHO Ambassador

Body Transformer United States

My name is Amber Clemens! In May of 2018 I began my weight loss journey after a lifetime of yo yo dieting. I stuck to a moderate calorie deficit and focused on movement that brought me joy! By December 2019 I had lost 160 pounds and have been maintaining my weight loss ever since! I share my tips, tricks, recipes and advice on social media in hopes to inspire others looking to achieve their own health and fitness goals! I first discovered Renpho through their Smart Scale and it was a game changer for my journey! Being able to track not only my body weight, but also other important health metrics gave me a better understanding of my entire progress and helped me understand that health is more than just one number! 

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Ashley K. “@Ashley.Fitness”

RENPHO Ambassador

Content Creator United States

I am a health and wellness creator on Instagram and TikTok with an active engaging audience. I love creating content, making recipes, and love to display my passion for health, fitness, and body positivity. The goal of my platform is to inspire and motivate others as well as make a positive impact. I encourage others to heal their relationship with food and fitness. RENPHO fits into my life because I’ve noticed being physically active has helped me both mentally and physically! When I ride my Al Smart Bike it makes me feel so good and helps my digestion significantly! RENPHO is great for anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

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