A MorphoScan Smart Body Scale with a sleek, modern design. The scale features a large black and silver rectangular platform, with a digital display screen at the top center showing a weight reading of 182.2 and health metrics icons in different colors. The "Renpho" brand name is displayed at the bottom, perfect for health and fitness enthusiasts. (A)

MorphoScan Smart Body Scale

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Close-up of a modern exercise machine display showing detailed performance metrics, including Body Composition Analysis. The digital screen displays weight, calories burned, speed, and heart rate. Above the display is text: “Your progress, in clear view” with “clear view” highlighted in blue. The sleek design is black and features the Renpho MorphoScan Smart Body Scale.
Close-up image of a MorphoScan Smart Body Scale by Renpho with a circular metal sensor on a black surface. The background features a series of light grey health-related icons, such as heartbeat, water bottle, and muscle. Below reads: “Unlock new health insights powered by DF-BIA Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis” in black and blue font.
A smartphone screen displays a fitness app interface with the title "Muscle Balance." It shows measurements for the left arm, right arm, trunk, left leg, and right leg, each with weight, standard, and high percentages. Using the Renpho MorphoScan Smart Body Scale's bioelectrical impedance analysis feature, get your body composition details at a glance.

Full body report : Transform the way you approach health and fitness with comprehensive body composition analysis reports.

Every metric, on track The 50+ metrics analyzed in real-time, on scale and in the app. Body Fat (%), Bone Mass (%), Muscle Mass (%), Body Water (%), Protein (%), Skeletal Muscle (%), Visceral Fat Grade, BMR, Fat-Free Body Mass, Subcutaneous Fat, SMI, Metabolic Age, BMI, Obesity Level, Body Type, Waist-Hip Ratio, Standard Muscle Mass, Muscle Mass, Muscle to Standard Ratio, Standard Body Fat Mass, Body Fat Mass, BIA 20kHZ & 100kHz, Target Weight, Weight Control, Muscle Control, Fat Control and more.

Powered by DF-BIA :   Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) assesses body composition based on the impedance of low-frequency electrical currents sent through extracellular fluids (body fluids that are not contained in cells), which is a good measure of accuracy.