Smart Tape Measure BMF01 Renpho Tape Measures (A)

Smart Tape Measure BMF01

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A woman in workout attire uses a Smart Tape Measure BMF01, smiling and pointing at it. Behind her, a digital graph on a screen shows a trend over one month, indicating body measurements data. Text reads "Accurate Tracking of Your Body" and "Clear and Simple Graphics on the Renpho Health app".
A woman in a gray athletic outfit smiles and points at her bicep, flexing to display a white digital tally counter attached to her arm. The text reads, "Unique Easy Lock Hook Design - Effortless Single-Hand Operation." She stands against a plain, white background, highlighting the precision of the Renpho Smart Tape Measure BMF01 for body measurements.
A pregnant woman in a beige tank top uses the Smart Tape Measure BMF01 and the Renpho Health app to track her abdominal circumference. The bright indoor setting features two overlaid charts showing growth trends over time. Text reads "Tracking Abdominal Circumference During Pregnancy.
A woman exercising against a gray wall, wearing a white sports bra, gray leggings, and white sneakers. Blue lines and dots highlight body measurements, showcasing the Renpho Smart Tape Measure BMF01's capabilities. Text on the image promotes the app with screenshots of its interface and features.
An image showcasing a Renpho Smart Tape Measure BMF01 features a white body with buttons and a digital display. Two measuring options are demonstrated: "For Straight Line" with the tape extended straight, and "For Circumference" with the tape looped, showing a gap of 0.86 inch. Text explains intuitive controls for switching units (in/cm) and syncing body measurements to the Renpho
A baby lies on a grey blanket next to a fluffy orange cat, highlighting both for comparison. The baby wears a white bodysuit with blue prints. Text around the baby gives head and height measurements. Below, a smartphone screen shows the RENPHO Health app with body measurements input fields. Text reads, “Baby Mode: Documenting your baby’s growth journey with the Renpho Smart Tape Measure BMF01.”
A collage of images illustrating different measuring tasks. The top left shows a person using a Renpho Smart Tape Measure BMF01 for body measurements. The top right depicts multiple cardboard boxes. The bottom left features hands measuring a piece of fabric. Icons for handmade and dressmaking are on the bottom right, with captions reading "Measure body part size," "Measure shipping box size," and "For handmade and dressmaking.
Measure your body with the Smart Tape Measure to get an accurate reading of your body circumference.

  • Designed to track your body measurements anytime and anywhere without asking for help.
  • Instantly saves measurement and sends directly to the RENPHO Health app.
  • Keep track of body change trends to understand your health journey.
  • Track unlimited users for professional trainers and fitness coaches.

Easy-Lock Hook & Eject Design
Record your circumference data easily with the easy-lock hook function. Auto-unlock feature releases the tape when simply pressing the detach button, which makes measuring your body easy.

Smart Body Tape Measure
Fully integrated with the RENPHO Health app to record your measurements efficiently and help you achieve your body weight or muscle goals effectively.

Accurate & Easy Reading
The body tape measure automatically syncs your data directly to your app and can report your measurements in the unit (inch or cm) you set.

Works with Health Apps
Compatible with the RENPHO Health app. Allows you to track the changes in your body circumference and customize your body part measurements.

Track your Body Measurements
Neck, Shoulder, Bust, Waist, Abdomen, Hip, Biceps, Thigh, Calf, Waist, and Hip.

  • LCD Display
  • Measurement in and cm

  • CR2032 Battery

  • Measurement Range: 1 mm - 1500 mm
  • Accuracy: ±3mm,

  • Apple iOS 12 or higher
  • Android OS 7.0 or higher

  • Bluetooth

  • Size: 2.2 in x 2.8 in
  • Weight: 0.2 lbs

Smart Tape MeasureBMF01
CR2032 Battery

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