A woman holding a Renpho solar-powered phone with the text 13 body composition analysis, showcasing its eco-friendly features and cutting-edge ITO Coating Technology. (A)
A Renpho solar-powered family is sitting on an eco-friendly couch, with a Renpho Solar Power Bluetooth Weight Scale in their hands. (A)
A pair of feet on a Renpho Solar Power Bluetooth Weight Scale showcasing ITO Coating Technology, an eco-friendly and solar-powered innovation. (A)
An eco-friendly living room featuring a Renpho solar-powered smart scale incorporating ITO Coating Technology. (A)
Renpho Solar Power Bluetooth Weight Scale in the palm of your hand screenshot utilizing ITO Coating Technology. (A)
An eco-friendly, solar-powered digital scale with a digital display, featuring ITO Coating Technology is the Solar Power Bluetooth Weight Scale by Renpho. (A)

Solar Power Bluetooth Weight Scale

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Solar-Powered & Eco-Friendly

Equipped with an integrated solar panel that keeps the scale charged by solar power and other light sources, and allows you to max out the life of your scale. RENPHO Bathroom Scale is much easier to maintain than other standard scales that require battery replacements every year.

ITO Coating Technology

Discover the power of solar energy with the RENPHO body composition analyzer! Equipped with an integrated solar panel and ITO coating technology, this scale is eco-friendly and requires no battery replacements. Simply step onto the advanced platform for precise measurements in 0.2lb/0.05kg increments, up to a maximum capacity of 400lbs/180kg.

13 Health Metrics Analysis

The smart scale is compatible with the Renpho Health App that helps you easily record, get insights into 13 essential body indexes, including weight, BMI, body fat, fat-free body weight, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, and so on. Sustainable living just got easier with our solar-powered body weight scale. Keep track of your body composition while reducing your carbon footprint.

Syncs with Fitness AppsThe Renpho Health App reliably syncs your latest weighing information via Bluetooth, helps you manage your body data and visualize your progress through real-time graphs. Also compatible with Apple Health, Google Fit and the Fitbit App.

One Scale Suits All

This RENPHO digital bathroom scale works effortlessly with the Renpho Health App that supports an unlimited number of users to track and manage their health metrics and offers baby mode for weighing your baby or pet. Keep everyone on-track with their health goals with this comprehensive and user-friendly scale. Say goodbye to batteries and outlets, and hello to sustainable living with our solar body fat scale.