FAQ for RENPHO Smart Jump Rope

The RENPHO Smart Jump Rope is a fitness tool that tracks your workout data via a mobile app. It has built-in Bluetooth technology that syncs with your phone to track your workout progress, such as calories burned, jump count, and workout time.

1. How do I turn OFF the jump rope?

Leave the jump rope idle for 3mins and it will automatically enter the standby mode and then shut down 20 seconds later.


2. How can I sync my skipping data to the Renpho Health App?

a. Turn on the jump rope.

b. Activate your phone's Bluetooth and keep your phone within 1 meter from the jump rope. (No match code required)

c. Open the Renpho Health App and click "Pair".

d. Once paired successfully, the data will be automatically synchronized.

Note: If bound before, you can just repeat the step. a & b to sync the data to the Renpho Health App.


3. How can I turn off the beep voice of the jump rope?

If the jump rope is connected to the app via Bluetooth, you can manually turn OFF or ON the beep voice on the "Settings Page" of the Renpho Health App.


4. What should I pay attention to when using the jump rope?

a. To avoid damage, please do not use the rope on rough or sandy ground like concrete floors, or cobblestone roads.

b. Avoid "fancy skipping" or "cross skipping" in case of getting tangled or counting errors.


5. Why is my data lost when syncing to the app?

a. The batteries are removed or the battery cover is loose. Once the jump rope is not powered by the batteries, the data will be cleared. Please sync the data to the app before removing the batteries.

b. Failed to save data. To avoid data loss, press and hold the Mode Button for 3s to save data when the Free Jump mode ends.

c. Memory exceeded. Each jump rope supports storing 90-100 data. Once exceeded, it will automatically cover the first data one after another.


6. The screen doesn't light up.

First, check the battery and make sure that the two positive poles are facing inside. Then, check the battery cover. The battery cover with a spring should be installed on the handle with a display.


7. Bluetooth connection failed. 

Connect via Renpho Health app, not via phone Bluetooth settings.


8. Why is the total exercise time 40min, but it displays 30min?

The APP only counts the actual skipping time. If you stop to rest during the set time, the rest time will not be counted.


9. Why do l feel that one handle is heavier than the other?

The handle without the battery has a counterweight to offset the battery weight of the other handle, so their weight is the same.


10. Should the app be opened for the data to be synced to?

The skipping data will be synced to the Renpho Health app regardless of whether it is opened during exercise or after exercise. Please make sure that both the jump rope and the Bluetooth on your phone are turned on to synchronize the data. (For iOS, you only need to turn on the Bluetooth. For Android, you need to turn on both the Bluetooth and the GPS.)


11. Why can't I pair the jump rope with the app?

a. Please uninstall the "Renpho Health" app, then download and reinstall it before restarting your phone. (Please note that the app is "Renpho Health", not "Renpho Fit" or "Renpho".)

b. Open the "Renpho Health" app to register or log in and turn on the jump rope. (If you have registered a Renpho App account, you can still use it to log in.)

c. Confirm your phone GPS is turned on.

Tip: Don't worry about the privacy warning that pops up because GPS has been required to locate the Bluetooth device since SDK (Software Development Kit) was updated.

d. Click "Allow only while using the app" to access your phone’s location information.

e. After logging in, click "+" on the "Device Page". Click "Fitness", and then click the jump rope icon on the "Add Device Page" to add the "Smart Jump Rope (RENPHO-ROPE-R1)" to the app. Or, open your phone Bluetooth and the window will pop up on the "Health Page". Then, click "Pair".

Note: The jump rope should be kept within 1 meter from your phone when connected to the app via Bluetooth.


12. Can multiple people use the RENPHO Smart Jump Rope?

Yes, multiple people can use the RENPHO Smart Jump Rope. Each person will need to create their own account on the RENPHO app and pair the jump rope with their phone. 


13. Can I use the RENPHO Smart Jump Rope without the app?

Yes, you can use the RENPHO Smart Jump Rope without the app. However, you won't be able to track your workout data or view your progress in real-time.


14. What are the benefits of using the RENPHO Smart Jump Rope?

The RENPHO Smart Jump Rope provides a fun and effective way to get in a cardio workout. Jumping rope can help improve cardiovascular health, balance, coordination, and endurance. The RENPHO app also provides personalized guidance and tracking to help you reach your fitness goals.


If the above instructions do not solve your problem, please send your account, mobile phone model, mobile phone system version and the Renpho Health app version you downloaded to " support@renpho.com ".

We will look into this and try our best to offer you a solution.