Thank you for choosing the RENPHO Smart Body Tape Measure 2. This Bluetooth body tape measure is your personal health assistant. It will help you easily measure various body parts so you can keep track of your health and fitness. We hope that you enjoy using it!


Important Safety Instructions

  1. DO NOT use this device for any purpose other than outlined in this manual.
  2. DO NOT disassemble or modify the device. There are no user-serviceable parts inside.
  3. DO NOT subject the device to extreme conditions: extreme temperatures beyond operating temperatures, high vibrations, dusty area, humid conditions (including any liquid) or direct sunlight.
  4. DO NOT use excessive force on the tape or the gear. Excessively pulling the tape or grinding the gear may cause permanent damage to the device.
  5. DO NOT fold or twist the tape as this may cause permanent damage.
  6. DO NOT use excessive force to pull the tape beyond the maximum length of 150cm/60inch. This may permanently damage the device.
  7. Be very careful when measuring neck circumference. The tape may accidentally cause choking.
  8. Children under ten years old must be supervised by an adult when using the tape.


Product Name: Smart Tape

Model: R-Y001

Unit: cm/in

Size: 70mm x 70mm x 26mm

Measuring Range: 150cm/60in

Resolution: 1mm, 1/16in

Accuracy: ±3mm, ±3/32in

Working Temperature: 32°F - 122°F

Working Humidity: <85%

Battery: 3V CR2032

Stand-by Current: 1pA

Working Current: 2mA



Whats in the Box

1 x RENPHO Smart Body Tape Measure 2

1 x CR2032 Battery

1 x User Manual


Product Diagram




Install the Battery

  1. Insert a coin into the battery cover slot.
  2. Rotate the battery cover clockwise from close to open and remove it.
  3. Insert the battery and ensure the positive pole is facing up. Place the battery cover over the opening, and rotate counterclockwise to lock it.





Getting Started

Scan the QR code or search "Renpho Health" in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Short press the power button to turn the tape on.

The Bluetooth is not connected if the Bluetooth icon continuously flashes.

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth and open the "Renpho Health" app.
  2. Turn on the tape using the power button and tap "Pair" on the app to connect the tape with the app.
  3. The Bluetooth icon will be solid once connection is successful.



Measuring & Save

  1. Press the detach button to release the tape, and wrap it around the body part to be measured.
  2. Insert the locking pin into the tape receptacle, press until a "click" sound is heard.
  3. Press and hold the retract button until the tape has fully tightened around the body part to be measured.
  4. The measurement data will be displayed on the screen. Press the unit button to alternate between units.



  1. DO NOT allow the tape to retract too fast as minor injury may occur otherwise.
  2. DO NOT use excessive force to pull the tape (over 1 m/39.4 inch per second) as this may cause inaccurate readings.


Troubleshooting Guide




Warranty Policy

Your RENPHO product purchase is covered by a one-year limited manufacturer warranty from the date of delivery.

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If you choose not to register your product, it will not diminish the product warranty.


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