Bodyweight & Gym Resistance Band Training Kit

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Use our bodyweight resistance band trainer kit for workouts in indoor or outdoor gyms. With the help of this training equipment, you will be able to exercise your full body, whether it be building muscle, burning fat, increasing endurance, or improving flexibility. Reach your fitness goals quickly and efficiently with our affordable resistance bands. 

Key features

  • Easy to operate
  • All-in-one muscle builder set
  • Full body workout for indoor or outdoor Gym
  • Excellent anchor point & durable extender strap
  • Bonus 4 resistance loop bands and storage bag

Did you know

The FITINDEX Resistance Trainer kit by RENPHO is designed to meet all your exercise needs in a single kit, so you don’t need to purchase any additional accessories. You can exercise your arms, legs, abdomen, waist, and other parts of the whole body with this one piece of kit. Make fitness training more enjoyable and easier than ever with our affordable gym resistance bands!