Renpho Foot Spa Bath Core (A)

Foot Spa Bath Core

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An image of a Renpho Foot Spa Bath Core, promoting health and wellness with its one button operation and multifunctionality.
Renpho foot spa bath with core massage rollers promotes health and fitness through soothing foot massages.
A woman is utilizing a Renpho Foot Spa Bath Core for wellness and recovery.
Renpho Foot Spa Bath Core and pedicure kit promotes wellness and recovery.
A timer function is displayed on the front of the Renpho Foot Spa Bath Core, promoting health and recovery.
A picture of a Renpho Foot Spa Bath Core promoting its health benefits and fitness recovery.
Renpho Foot Spa Bath Core is a safe and family-friendly health recovery solution.
Besides helping you relax and unwind, the Foot Spa Bath Core will transform your feet too. It comes with a detachable pumice stone to remove dead skin and a herbal box where you can put Epsom salts for the ultimate spa experience.

  • Helps relieve pain and tension
  • Removes calluses and dead skin
  • Relaxes tired soles
  • Eases stress and boosts mood
  • Improves sleep

Soothing Foot Spa Bath
Pamper your overworked soles with bubbles and vibration and 3 spa modes to help calm your body and mind.

Pedicure Experience
Comes with a pedicure stone to remove calluses and dead skin.

Massage Rollers for Targeted Relief
22 massage rollers work to deliver an acupoint massage for blood flow stimulation and foot relaxation.

Heat Control
Enjoy a personalized at-home foot spa massage with heat by choosing your desired heat ranging from 95 °F - 125.6 °F.

Lightweight and Easy to Use
At 4.1 lbs, this lightweight device is easy to drag or lift even when the water level is at the maximum level.

  • Massage Modes: 3
  • Heating: Yes
  • Max Temperature: 95 °F-125 °F
  • Timer: 20 mins, 30 mins, 40 mins, 50 mins, 60 mins
  • Massage rollers: 22

  • Size: 15.7 in x 13.4 in x 6.7 in
  • Weight: 4.1 lbs
  • Max foot size: US 14


Foot Spa Bath Core
Pumice Stone
Pedicure Kit
AC Adapter