A dental tool set that includes a toothbrush and a Renpho handheld massager. (A)

Handheld Massager

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A black Renpho handheld massager device with a number of muscle tension-relieving massage head attachments.
Enjoy a Renpho portable cordless handheld massager for quick relief from muscle tension anytime, anywhere.
This Renpho handheld massager comes with 5 interchangeable massage nodes, allowing you to target different areas and types of muscle tension.
Ergonomic silicone handle for easy grip while providing efficient relief from muscle tension with Renpho Handheld Massager massage head attachments.
A man with a tattoo on his back receiving a tattoo removal treatment using the Renpho Handheld Massager.
The features of a Renpho handheld massager with handheld massager capabilities are shown.
Two Renpho handheld massagers designed to relieve muscle tension, featuring massage head attachments, placed on a white background.
Find the perfect holiday gift with our selection of Renpho handheld massagers and massage head attachments. Relieve muscle tension and give the gift of relaxation this season.
A Renpho handheld massager with a variety of massage head attachments designed to relieve muscle tension.
From tackling back pain to relieve muscle tension, the Handheld Massager is a versatile tool to relieve different body parts of its muscle issues with its 5 different speed levels and 5 different massage head attachments.

  • Provides relief for various muscle groups
  • Brings a relaxing massage experience with its adjustable speed levels and modes
  • Target hard-to-reach spots on your body due to its design
  • Use the device anywhere without causing too much distraction
  • Interchangeable heads to target different body parts

Percussive Body Massager
At 3600 RPM and elongated design, you can easily reach spots on your body and relieve yourself of muscle tension.

Personalized User Experience
With its adjustable speed level feature and multiple massage heads, you are free to customize the device according to your preferences.

Wireless Massage
Give yourself a massage anywhere and anytime without worrying about finding an electric socket. Moreover, you can enjoy the device as its battery lasts up to 140 minutes.

Auto-Off Timer
Turns off after 20 minutes to preserve battery life.

  • 2600mAh battery capacity

  • Speed: 5 built-in speeds (3600 percussions per minute)
  • Battery life: 140 minutes total
  • Head attachments: 5 (round head, 1-point head, 3-intensive head, 3 point head, curved head)

  • Size: 15 in x 3 in x 4.5 in
  • Weight: 1.7lb

  • 12v-1A

Handheld Massager
5 Massage Head
AC Charger
Massage Stand