U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager Renpho Neck and Back Massager(A)

U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager

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A woman sitting on the floor leans against a sofa with a Renpho U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager featuring deep kneading massage nodes wrapped around her shoulders. The product emits a comforting warmth depicted by a glowing red design.
A woman sitting cross-legged on a couch, eyes closed, using a Renpho U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager designed for the shoulder and neck. There is a graphic showing the product’s cushioning feature with the text "buffer".
This image demonstrates the Renpho U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager, a versatile portable massager used on different body parts. It shows four scenarios: the massager on a person's back, thigh, calf, and shoulder, with labels for each location.
A man sits at a desk using a computer, wearing a Renpho U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager over his chair. The environment is calm with soft lighting and minimalistic decor. The massager, featuring
A woman relaxes on a white sofa, using a gray Renpho U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager. She wears a white v-neck sweater and blue jeans, eyes closed, with a serene expression. Text advises not to lean
A black Renpho U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager with control buttons rests on a white sofa, emphasizing its ergonomic design and comfort. Icons indicate its features: power on/off, direction switch, and variable speed settings.
An infographic displaying a Renpho U-Neck 2 neck & shoulder massager with deep kneading massage nodes. Features include size dimensions, close-up of controls, power cable, and an image of the product in its.
The portable massager combined with shiatsu, kneading and rolling functions to help you eliminate fatigue, stress and relieve muscle pain. With 8 deep kneading massage nodes and an adjustable neck pillow for the ultimate experience.

  • Provides a relaxing massage experience regardless of your height
  • Covers your entire neck and back including the lowest parts of your waist
  • Fits on most chairs for convenience
  • Offers gentle warmth for a better overall massage experience

Full Back and Neck Massage
With its 8 deep kneading massage nodes, the device is capable of giving you a relaxing massage experience from your neck to the lowest part of your waist.

Ergonomic Design
With its ergonomic design, the device fits your shoulder better, giving you a more comfortable massage experience to relieve your tired muscles.

Optional Heat Function
With its heat function, feel free to add a gentle warmth in your massage sessions.


  • Max Temperature: 122 °F
  • Knead Intensities: 3
  • Temperate mode: 1
  • Timing mode: 15 mins
  • Massage Heads:8


  • Size: 18.89 in x 6.7 in x 7.87 in
  • Weight: 2.8kg

U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager