Map your personal fitness journey, track milestones in your family's growth and create a record of moments that last a lifetime for every body.

Record Your Measurements Efficiently

Automatically log your body proportions and use the RENPHO Smart Body Scale to build an accurate and complete picture of your body composition on the RENPHO app.

See Transformation Trends

Track your body transformation with real-time graphs that provide greater insight over time.

Gain New Insight with Multifunctional Measure

Custom measurements are available if you are an expecting mother-to-be to track the baby bump to see your child's growth unfold, or monitor the life of a beloved family pet.

The Little Things You’ll Love

Snug Fit with Accurate Readings

Easy-lock hook function so you only need to measure once to get an accurate reading.

Set Your Measuring Unit of Choice

See how you shape up in either inches or centimetres by getting the most accurate reading according to your preference.


Small and lightweight so you can bring along to the gym for a quick post-workout assessment.

Unlimited Users

Create a history of health for your entire family or track progressive training goals including muscle gain and fat loss with your own circle of fitness-minded friends.

Track Every Inch of Your Health

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