Affiliates Program

Our RENPHO Affiliates Program is an amazing opportunity for you to leverage your follower fanbase and connect them with our premium #SmartHealthyLiving products! Since our founding, RENPHO has grown to service over 10+ million customers and counting. We are proud to share our brand name and success with you via our competitive Affiliates Program.

Who is the RENPHO Affiliates Program for?

Affiliates who want new sources of revenue.

Growing influencers, freelancers, bloggers, and content creators

Small business and general customer traffic earners.

Online marketing & sales experts seeking commission opportunities.

Affiliates Recurring Program

sustainable long-term revenue


for every sale referred*

Monthly payouts

Free marketing materials

Real-time earning statistics


*Some product exclusions may apply

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Transparent Commission

We have no hidden fees or unfair policies. RENPHO values our Affiliates, their privacy, and our mutual business partnership.

Free Promo Samples

Our Affiliates are receive competitive incentives and RENPHO goodies. Your excellent sales performance deserves to be rewarded!

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Product Support + Quality

Customer Satisfaction is a core RENPHO belief. Our product quality and customer service will never be your issue. You will only have to focus on sales.