Bluetooth BMI Body Weight Scale User Manual

This manual is for following scale models: ES-26R-B; ES-26R-W; ES-26R-MG 


Precaution For Use

Safety Precautions

When using digital scale, certain basic safety precautions must be followed, including the following:

  1. The Bluetooth scale should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition. You should consult a doctor when undertaking any diet or exercise program.
  2. Please note that Body mass index (BMI) is a universally formula according to CDC gov, which based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women.  All data is for reference and is not a substitute for advice from a licensed health care professional.
  3. If the scale malfunction, first checks the batteries power and change it if needed.
  4. Check the device before every use. Do not use the device if damaged. The continuous use of damaged unit may cause injury or improper results.
  5. Please keep the scale dry. Be careful when use on the wet and slippery surface.
  6. Fragile, handle with care.
  7. Scale is a high-precision measuring device. Never jump or stomp on the scale or disassemble. Please handle the scale carefully to avoid breakage.
  8. The scale is not waterproof, never immerse the scale in water.To clean the surface, use a damp cloth or glass cleaner. Do not use soap or other chemicals.

Know Your Renpho Scale


Size: 10.2×10.2×0.67 inch

Power: 2×AAA Batteries

Display: LED Readout Display

Max Capacity: 180kg / 400lbs

Division: 0.05kg / 0.2lb

Minimum effective weight: 5kg / 11lbs

Weight units: Kg/Lb (Switch the unit via RENPHO App: Turn on RENPHO App - - My Account - - Setting  - - Weight Unit).


Renpho Accuracy Range








Trouble Shooting



Getting Started

Step 1:

Install 2* AAA batteries in the package:


Step 2:

Use the scale in a firm, flat and stable location, avoid any carpet.

Step 3:

Download the app: go to the app store on your device (App Store for iOS or Play Store for Android) and search for “Renpho”, or follow these links:

Or scan this QR code with your smartphone.

Step 4:

  1. Create an account in the Renpho App with email. Or you could login as Guest mode if you don’t want to register.
  2. Fill out the information(The app needs this information in order to calculate your body mass index).

Step 5:

Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone. Location also needs to be turned on for Android 6.0 or higher.(Location is required by Android System)

*For iOS 13 users, please go to setting menu on your iPhone, find Renpho App, turn on the Bluetooth first.

Step 6:

With the Bluetooth on, you can begin the pairing process between Renpho scale and Renpho App.

  1. Tap + and choose "Device management" on the measuring page.
  2. Step onto the scale with bare and dry feet on the scale's conductive area.
  3. Tap the device name on the pairing page.
  4. Keep standing on the scale for 5-10 seconds. The weighing is finished after "000" has displayed twice.

You have successfully complete the first measurement, now you can check the metrics on the App.

Next time you want to weigh in, just open the RENPHO App, step on, and weigh yourself. As long as the App is open and your device is in range, your results will transfer automatically. The scale's screen will display your weight, and you will view your weight and BMI data in the app.


Bluetooth Troubleshooting

Bluetooth connection:

 If the regular connection to Bluetooth failed, please try the below steps:

1.Reset the scale for taking out one battery for 5 seconds and putting it back in.

2.Reset the Bluetooth connection.

Ensure Bluetooth and GPS (Android only) are enabled on your phone.

  • Open the RENPHO app
  • Under the "Measurements" section, select the top right “+”.
  • Select "Device Management".
  • Find the model number that begins with "ES" and slide it left to forget the device.
  • Tap "+" on the top right to enter pairing mode.
  • Step one foot on the scale surface to wake it up.
  • After a few seconds of loading, the scale model number will appear, tap it.
  • Step on the scale again to complete the pairing.

If none of the above steps resolves your connectivity issues, try the“Bluetooth anomaly detection” function:

  1. Open the RENPHO app.
  2. Go to “My Account”select “Settings”.
  1. Select the "Bluetooth anomaly detection" and follow up the instructions.
  2. Submit the abnormality report.
  3. Share your App account to support team. (

Our tech team will further diagnose the problem within 24 hours.


Discover in Renpho App

Integrate with multiple fitness App

Sync with Samsung Health (Samsung Health is only for Android phone)

  1. Tap on the “Settings” icon “” at the top right corner of the “My Account” screen.
  2. Under “Settings”, tap on “Samsung Health”.
  3. After you log in your Samsung Health account, please go back to the Authorization page. Now please switch on the “Samsung Health” button again, then it will pop up the specific information to access authority, ensure all permissions are enabled, then click confirm. Try using the app again; Data from the RENPHO app should now sync with Samsung Health.

Sync with Apple Health

For previous versions of iOS 13, please use the following steps to sync with Apple Health:

  1. Open the "Health" app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on the"Data Sources"
  3. Select "RENPHO" from the sources list.
  4. RENPHO will synchronize the following data with Apple Health once you connect. You can customize what you want to share using the switches on the right.


For iOS 13 or above versions, please use the following steps to sync with Apple Health:

  1. Open the "Health" App on your iPhone, click the user image at the top right corner
  2. Select “Apps” under Privacy and select “Renpho”
  3. Enable all categories to allow the Renpho App to transfer data to Apple Health

Sync with Google Fit

  1. Open the Renpho app
  2. Select/tap the "My Account" tab
  3. Select/tap “Settings” in the upper right
  4. Select Google Fit and login to your Google Fit account and allow Renpho to access your Google Fit account.

After you use the scale, the data will be uploaded to Google Fit. You can login to your app to view your data.

Sync with Fitbit App

  1. Enter Settings page in Renpho App, select "Fitbit".
  2. Tap on "Fitbit", turn on Fitbit button, log in your Fitbit account.
  3. Select "Allow" to access Fitbit App.
  4. After connection, all the data(Weight, BMI) will sync to Fitbit app. You can view both on app and web.

Use Apple Watch with Renpho Smart Scale

Before you can use the Renpho scale on your Apple Watch, ensure you have the Renpho App downloaded on your phone and you have the scale paired with the Renpho app on your phone first. Once that is done, you can use the Renpho scale on your Apple Watch with the following steps.

  1. Install and open the Renpho Apple Watch App. On the main interface, tap "Measuring".
  2. Step onto the scale and stand still.
  3. After standing still for several seconds, you will see "Connecting" followed by the status "Measuring". Your measurements will appear after 5-10 seconds.
  4. Tap the back arrow to view your measurement history.

Other tips:

1. You can use the Apple Watch with your smartphone under these following conditions:

  • When the Apple Watch is disconnected with smartphone
  • When the watch is offline (i.e. it is not connected to WiFi).
  • When the Apple Watch is offline and disconnected with smartphone, after restarting the watch.
2. Ensure you keep the watch screen on during the entire measurement process.

How can I view the chart and share progress?

Click "Chart" to view your progress history.

Enter it into the calendar to form a list and select a data or all data you want to compare with or delete.

You can also download and send the data to your email address in CSV format.


You can click [Share] to share your fitness data with friends via Facebook, Instagram on the Measuring page.


How to add “Measurement Users” or “Friends”?

Q: What’s the difference between “Measurement Users” and “Friends”?

A: Measurement Users is different users using one scale, such as family members or roommates.

Friends is another user using other Renpho scale, you can only have the access to view his/her data. Keep motivated with your friends!

Under "My Account" you can add user(s) - Add Measurement Users / Add Friends.

To delete an account, swipe the account to the left and select "Delete".


Contact Us

Feedback Through App

Open Renpho App, at “My Account” page, tap on [Help] to get in touch with us,we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Give Us A Call

For US Customer: 1-(844)-417-0149 (9am to 4:30pm) 

For UK Customer: 44-743-466-6088 GMT 9:00am-5:00pm Mon-Fri

Write Us Email

Please feel free to write us email, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

For US Customer:

For EU Customer:



Why is my body weight not accurate?

Q: Why is my body weight not accurate?

A: If you think you are getting a inaccurate weight measurement, please try below steps to fix the problem inaccurate issues:
1. Place the scale on a hard and flat surface. Softer floors such as carpet can cause inaccuracies.
2. Step on the scale with one foot until the LED screen lights up. Then step off and wait for the LED screen to display “CAL”. When "0.00" is displayed, the scale is calibrated and you could step on it for measurement.
3. During the measurement, try to keep your weight centered directly above and over the scale as much as possible.
4. Try waiting for the scale to auto-shutoff (about 10 seconds) and you should be able to view accurate results via app.

If you think you're still getting inaccurate results, it may be caused by the following factors:
A.  A type of internal error.

Try resetting the scale by taking one battery out for 5 seconds and putting it back in.

Additional tips:
1. Avoid moving the scale. Moving the scale frequently increases the risk of inaccuracy.
2. Everyone's weight fluctuates throughout a typical day. Muscle usage and basic consumption of food and water will cause some weight fluctuation no matter what. Thus, if you weigh yourself multiple times during the day, you will see some differences. To minimize the fluctuations, weigh yourself the same time each day (such as the morning)
3. Accuracy Range:
50kgs: ± 0.3kg
100kgs ± 0.4kg
150kgs ± 0.5kg
110lbs: ± 0.66lb
220lbs ± 0.88lb
330lbs ± 1.1lbs
We hope these tips are helpful and they address your issues.


Why my scale won’t turn on?

Q: Why my scale won’t turn on?

A: Please make sure the batteries is placed correctly, if it is, please put a different set of batteries in the scale and try step on again. If the scale still won’t turn on, please contact us via [Contact Us] menu.



I'm having trouble getting my scale connected. Any tips?

Q: I'm having trouble getting my scale connected. Any tips?

A: Please go to the [Bluetooth Troubleshooting] menu, if the Bluetooth still won’t connect after the troubleshooting process, please contact us through [], our tech team will help you with your problem ASAP.




How to restart the scale?

Q: How to restart the scale?


- First, took one of the batteries out of the scale.

- Then, put back the batteries and wait for 5 seconds.

- Now the scale has been automatic restart, you can step onto the scale.



BMI Inaccurate?

BMI Inaccurate?

Q: I don’t think I am getting the correct BMI?

A: Body Mass Index(BMI) is a person's weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters. This is a worldwide standard formula, also one of a criterion for your health index.


How to change the unit?

Q: How to change the unit?

A: Please go to Renpho App, "My account>Settings>Weight Unit"



Q: How do I trust that my data is secured?

A: We know that the information you share with us is sensitive, and it's important to us that we honor your trust. Your scale creates a secure, one-to-one connection to your account on a device of your choice to sync your results, which are then backed up to our servers. We don't allow any third parties access to your data unless required to by law. Check out our privacy policy( for more information.


Password setting

Q: How to set my password for App?

A: You can find “Lock Password” under Settings menu.


Change batteries

Q: When do I change the batteries?

A: When you step on the scale and it shows ”LO”, it means low batteries, it requires you to change batteries.


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