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Elis 1 L Smart Body Scale

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A man is working out in a gym to improve his wellness and fitness using the Renpho Elis 1 L Smart Body Scale.
Renpho syncs with ios and android for tracking health and wellness.
Renpho Elis 1 L Smart Body Scale - A health-centric smart scale for wellness tracking and recovery support.
A picture showcasing the larger and smaller sizes of the fitness-focused Renpho Elis 1L Smart Body Scale.
A diagram displaying the fitness and health features of a Renpho Elis 1 L Smart Body Scale.

Whether youre looking to lose weight or simply interested in tracking your weight over time, the Elis Aspire L is a device you can use. Learn more about your weight and broad intel on 13 body metrics, including body fat percentage, muscle mass and more. Designed with a larger platform - get more out of your scale and pair it with the Renpho Health app.