A Renpho Elis 2X Smart Body Scale that is compatible with an iPhone and an Apple Watch. (A)
A Renpho Elis 2X Smart Body Scale with a clock on the screen. (A)
A person's feet on a Renpho Elis 2X Smart Body Scale with the words 'weighting freely' displayed on a VA display. (A)
Know your body better with this state-of-the-art Renpho Elis 2X Smart Body Scale featuring a VA Display that provides clear and precise readings. The scale is equipped with ITO Coating technology to ensure accurate measurement of various body (A)
A Renpho Elis 2X Smart Body Scale with an image of a woman and a man featuring a VA Display. (A)
Renpho's Elis 2X Smart Body Scale is a personalized body report app for android and ios, incorporating VA Display technology for enhanced visuals and compatibility with bluetooth scale devices featuring ITO Coating. (A)
Sync with fitness apps using the Renpho Elis 2X Smart Body Scale for accurate weight tracking and ITO Coating for enhanced durability. (A)
Enjoy endless wellbeing with the Renpho Elis 2X Smart Body Scale and Bluetooth scale. Experience unlimited access for users with the innovative ITO Coating technology. (A)
An informative diagram showcasing the features of the Renpho Elis 2X Smart Body Scale with a VA display and ITO coating. (A)

Elis 2X Smart Body Scale

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  • All-in-one VA Display for Easy Reading. RENPHO Elis 2X scale features an extra-large 5-inch screen, ensuring that your readings are clear and easily accessible at a glance. The bluetooth scale can displays 8 essential metrics: weight, body water, muscle mass, BMI, bone mass, body fat, metabolic age, and body type. It's like having a personal health dashboard.
  • Advanced ITO Coating. The smart scale employs cutting-edge ITO coating technology, setting it apart from ordinary four-electrode scales. This innovation guarantees precise and hassle-free weighing, giving you accurate insights into your body composition.
  • 13 Comprehensive Body Insights. Elevate your wellness journey with RENPHO body fat scale, integrated with the Renpho Health App. Receive a detailed body report comprising 13 crucial data points. Set and track your goals with precision, and visualize your progress through daily, monthly, and yearly trend graphs.
  • Free Renpho Health App for All. With the Renpho Health App, your health journey becomes limitless. Add unlimited users, including family, friends, and fitness enthusiasts. Enjoy the convenience of specialized modes like baby and pet mode, and optimize your fitness journey with athlete mode. Engage in a thriving community, sharing experiences, achievements, and motivation.
  • As a pioneer in Health and wellness for 7 years, We've earned the trust of 11+ million happy customers worldwide with our commitment to quality and innovation. Join our global community of satisfied users and experience the Renpho difference in health tracking!