A pair of Renpho Eyeris Smart Eye Massagers with a personalized mobile phone attached, offering app-connective features.(A)

Eyeris Smart Eye Massager

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Eyeris Smart Eye Massager
A woman is lying on a bed with a personalized Eyeris Smart Eye Massager on her face connected to the Renpho Smart App.
Renpho Eyeris Smart Eye Massager combines personalized kneading and compression massage techniques.
A person is holding a Renpho Eyeris Smart Eye Massager with 5 built-in modes.
A picture of a woman using a Renpho Eyeris Smart Eye Massager connected to an app.
A woman is lying on a bed and using the Renpho Eyeris Smart Eye Massager to listen to personalized and app-connective music.
A personalized white Eyeris Smart Eye Massager on a wooden table, with Renpho App-connective functionality.
A personalized Renpho Eyeris Smart Eye Massager is sitting on a wooden table next to an eyeglasses.
A wooden table with a Renpho Eyeris Smart Eye Massager on it and a plant.
A Renpho Eyeris Smart Eye Massager is sitting on a table next to a personalized headset.

The Eyeris Smart by Renpho was designed to be App-connective to offer a personalized and audio-immersive experience. With 6 different modes and optional heating, you can effortlessly customize your self-care routine.

  • Reduce Eye Puffiness*
  • Fight Against Dry Eye*
  • Relax the Mind
  • Prevent Eye Fatigue





3-Level Heat & Compression

  • Built-in heating pads offer High, Medium, or Low modes for 104 ºF 113 ºF warmth designed to promote health, relaxed eyes. (1)* (2)*

App Connectivity

  • Connect to the RENPHO Health App and customize your massage routine. Stream music, podcasts, or other audio for an immersive sound experience.

Built-in Music Speaker

  • Its built-in music speaker makes for a better overall eye massage experience. Pair your massage with any song, podcast, meditation, or audiobook of your choice!

Customizable Massage Modes

  • Combine heat, vibration, and music in different modes to personalize your relaxation experience.




  • USB Type C


  • ABS & Protein leather Performance

Battery Life:

  • 90 - 240 minutes


  • 104 ºF - 113 ºF


  • 6

Built in music:

  • Yes


  • <50 dB


  • Yes

Air Pressure:

  • 2 Intensities


  • 3 Levels


  • 5 Levels


  • Bluetooth

Dimensions Size:

  • 7.9 in x 5.5 in x 3.9 in


  • Eyeris Smart Eye Massager
  • Charging Cable
  • Manual
  • Storage Bag

Please consult your doctor before use if you are any of the following persons:

  • - Persons who had undergone eye surgery or eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataract and retinal detachment
  • - The elderly
  • - Pregnant or postpartum women
  • - Persons allergic to leather, gel or polyester fabric
  • - Persons with skin infections, sensitivity, redness and/or burns on the skin
  • - Persons with any swelling or wound around the eye area
  • - Persons using a pacemaker or other implantable medical devices
  • - Persons with a heart condition, malignant tumors, or other serious health conditions
  • - Persons undergoing medical treatment
  • - Persons with high or abnormal blood pressure