A Renpho device for fitness and wellness with a red light and other health accessories.(A)
A black RENPHO Lite Massage Gun designed for health and wellness with a white ball attachment.(A)
A black and white Renpho Lite Massage Gun for fitness and wellness on a white background.(A)

RENPHO Lite Massage Gun

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Renpho Lite Massage Gun is a mini powerful motor for wellness and health.
Renpho Lite Massage Gun - Portable type - c charging massager for wellness and recovery.
3 intensity adjustable mode Renpho Lite Massage Gun for fitness and recovery.
Renpho Lite Massage Gun is a portable wellness massager for recovery.
A woman promotes health and fitness by using the portable Renpho Lite Massage Gun for post-workout recovery.
Four different types of Renpho Lite Massage Guns for fitness enthusiasts and individuals seeking recovery and improved health.
Relieve your tight muscles with the RENPHO Lite Massage Gun. This is ideal for anyone who sits in the office or the car for an extended period. Heat up and massage your targeted muscle groups through the device's thermal heat plate for deeper muscle pain relief. Customize your massage experience with interchangeable massage attachments and adjustable massage speeds. Its ultra-light and compact design allows you to pack it in the provided storage bag and release your muscle tension on the go.
  • Equipped with a thermal heat plate to warm up and soften stiff muscles
  • Breaks up knots, relaxes tight muscles, and increases your range of motion through a powerful percussion massage
  • Personalized massage experience with adjustable settings

Thermal Heat Plate
The device heats up in just 3 seconds to activate your muscles. Optional heat temperature: 100/107/114.

Powerful and Quiet Brushless Motor
Ramps up to 2800 RPM and operates at noise levels as low as 40 dB.

3 Speed Levels & 4 Massage Heads
Target different muscle groups with adjustable speed levels and massage heads for targeted relief.

Ultra-light, Compact & Ergonomic Design
Weighing 0.7 lbs, it comes with a storage bag that allows you to take it anywhere.



  • Portable USB-C Charging Way
  • Compatible with A-C and C-C charging


  • Speed: 3 built-in speeds
  • Battery life: 4-7 hours
  • Amplitude: 6mm
  • Head attachments: 4 (bullet head, flat head, ball head & u head)
  • Thermal heat plate: 100/107/114
  • Noise: <=40dB


  • Size: 4.13 in x 5.51 in x 1.57 in
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs

RENPHO Lite Massage Gun
4 Massage Heads
USB-C Cable
Storage Bag
Quick Start Guide
User Manual