How Stationary Bike Workouts Can Build Cardio, Muscle & More

How Stationary Bike Workouts Can Build Cardio, Muscle & More

Biking is one of the most effective and accessible ways to exercise. Although, it may not be the right choice if you live in a crowded area or anywhere where there is constant change in the weather.


However, using an indoor exercise bike for your daily workouts can easily give you just the same, if not more benefits as cycling outside!


Read on to discover more about the advantages of a stationary bike workout and how you can use it to achieve your fitness objectives!

Stationary Bike Workout Plan for Cardio Endurance

A stationary bike is a terrific option for your cardio because cycling is a low-impact exercise that works seamlessly to your heart’s health while also training muscle development.


However, to reap the most benefit, you’ll need to scale the intensity and frequency of your workouts up with your fitness level.


Mindfulness is also key because you also won’t be able to get an effective cardio workout if you don’t engage your core muscles, pay attention to your heart rate, intensity level and speed.

Stationary Bike Workout Plan For Building Muscle

It should be noted that you don’t need to lift weights to build and tone up your body. Your bike can enable you to activate your muscles while also helping you in achieving your objectives in a safe and sensible manner.


Pedaling uses your leg muscles to generate motion: each rotation strengthens the hamstrings when pulling up and then the quads when pushing down to complete the cycle motion. This gradually builds your lower body strength, especially if riding under a higher resistance setting.


Moreover, it can also strengthen your upper body muscles, core muscles, back and glutes depending on the specific workout session.

Stationary Bike Workout Plan For Burning Fat

The calories count you’ll burn will depend on many factors. Indoor cycling tends to burn more calories when there is a consistent workout goal or exercise plan in mind; something the AI Gym app is more than capable in providing!


Regardless, having any workout plan in place will help burn calories and body fat and can be a great addition to your daily regimen. The higher the training intensity you choose, the more challenging it will be to keep up with cycling for a longer period.


You may want to alternate between a long cardio session at a low or medium intensity and a high-intensity workout (HIIT) intermittently.


RENPHO Fitness Advisor, Joe Dowdell explains that this helps reduce your body’s ability to adapt to the different states of cardio intensity which stops it from falling into a ‘comfort zone’ that can reduce workout efficiency.


While incorporating exercise into your fitness goals, it is essential to still incorporate a healthy and balanced diet as working out alone won’t make it successful if you’re still eating too much sugar or unhealthy foods.

Choosing The Right Exercise Bike

It’s important to choose the best exercise bike for your personal needs as it is an essential staple for improving your cardiovascular fitness, burning fat and toning your muscles. So, how do you go about selecting your ideal exercise bike?


Take time to determine your fitness goal. Choose an Upright Bike if you’re planning to have consistent home workouts to improve your physical health and keep up with a fitness plan. Go for an Air Bike if you prefer something that you can train and tone all parts of your body or Indoor Cycling Bike if you want to improve your physical and sports performance.


In addition, you may also consider the RENPHO AI Smart Bike which is more interactive and features a diverse array of app-connected features including virtual rides, performance data tracking and more.

Connecting Sensors 

Some stationary bikes contain cadence sensors which is an excellent tool for measuring things that are difficult to monitor and improving the effectiveness of your workouts while enhancing your training.


The RENPHO AI Smart Bike’s AI Gym companion app allows you to sync up to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection and connect to other apps and some devices including heart rate monitors (SCOSCHE R+2.0, WAHOO TICKR, CooSpo 808S, POLAR H10, MOOFIT HR6).

Cycling Terminology

Unlike a typical neighborhood bike ride, taking your bike indoors comes with a whole new set of rules and terminology.


To get you riding the bike in no time, we've compiled out a list of common indoor cycling terminologies used in an indoor training session:


To help get you caught up to speed on the riding terms used by when shopping for your ideal bike, we've compiled a list of common indoor cycling terms you may not be familiar with.


ResistanceThis indicates the rate at which more power is required to move the pedals. The slower you go when resistance is high, and vice versa.


GearThe resistance-controlling element of the bike. You can evaluate how much force you're exerting on the pedals by moving the gear left or right.


ClimbingIt's necessary to apply extra resistance to the gear when trying to recreate the experience of climbing on an indoor bike. You may be out of the saddle for part or all of the climb, depending on the type of bike you choose, see fixed-gear vs. freewheel.


FTP A popular feature among newer fitness bikes. Typically used in competitive sports to determine the theoretical maximum power a rider can sustain for one hour; the results can then be used to ramp up training effectiveness and intensity in a highly personalized manner.


RPMstands for revolutions per minute (90rpm = 90 rpm). This is the number of full circle rotations your foot makes per minute. If you don't have a bike computer, count how many times one leg touches the bottom of the pedal stroke for 15 seconds and multiply that number by four.


RPEThe Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale (RPE) is a tool for determining the intensity of your workout. Our scale ranges from 1 to 10, indicating different levels of effort. The numbers correspond to descriptions or reactions that are used to judge how simple or difficult the activity is for you.


CadenceThe number of rotations per minute (pedaling rate). RPMs are used to quantify cadence. Your cadence is 90 if you're pedaling at 90 RPM.

Why Ride an Exercise Bike?

In general, working out with a stationary exercise bike is a great way to burn calories and boost confidence while improving your heart, lungs and activating your muscles from sedentary daily life.


It also helps to strengthen your memory, increase cognitive functions, improve your immune system, and provide a restful night’s sleep by instilling you with a healthier state of mind.


Stationary bikes are generally suitable for most people of any fitness level and can be used to promote better health by building endurance and strength while also putting less stress on the joints than other types of cardio equipment.


Additionally, exercise bikes have a smaller footprint than any other exercise machines, making them also ideal for people living in smaller spaces.

Why Choose the RENPHO AI Smart Exercise Bike?

If having an exercise bike is your way to get the perfect full-body workout, the RENPHO AI Smart Bike will assist you in achieving your fitness goals.


It is simple to operate, requiring very little training and guidance to get started. Whether you're a novice or looking for a cardio machine that you can use at home without assistance, the AI Smart Bike has everything you need!

Personalized Workouts For All

The RENPHO AI Smart Bike is a stationary bike that not only gives you a good aerobic workout but also personalizes and adjusts its settings for your skill level. Whether you’re an active person or someone who wants to keep moving, this bike is the ideal option for many.

Performance Monitoring

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is custom-tailored to match your level, power and goals. It automatically adjusts the resistance you are working against as calculated by your performance data collected over time on the bike.

Free App With 70+ Classes

The AI Gym app provides a wide range of cycling courses for beginners and professionals with features including video cycling courses, racing competitions online, synchronized health data reports and much more.

Next Level Precision

The RENPHO AI Smart Bike has smart motor dampening, which gives a silent and smooth riding experience. The bike also adds resistance based on your power and performance automatically with no manual adjustments needed!


The bike also comes with a free downloadable AI Gym app which offers over 70 different classes to choose from tailored for you. It’s important to mention that this bike features a Cycling Power Test (FTP) so it can help you calibrate your workout based on pedal power as well.

Safety Ensured

A real-life cycling experience is what the RENPHO AI Smart Bike provides. It has enclosed wheels, a freewheel design and no chance of getting your feet caught in the pedals or shins being hit because it stops at any time when dismounting. Its safety features will also keep you out of danger.

Ergonomic Comfort

The RENPHO AI Smart Bike provides outstanding comfort thanks to its bigger seat paddings, which provide support even during long bike sessions. This way you have the option of a lower or higher grip posture while riding. The RENPHO AI Smart Bike also offers adjustable cushioned seats and ergonomic handlebars for maximum comfort every time you train on it.

Get the Best Stationary Exercise Bike!

Ready to take your workout routine to the next level? The RENPHO AI Smart Bike is an innovative way of working out that you won't want to miss. It has tons of features and components that serve as a great addition for anyone looking to optimize their fitness. Place an order now at the RENPHO online store and start your bike workouts with your own personalized AI trainer!