True View Eye Massager

Visual Comfort Freedom

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Wide Massage Coverage

5 Massage Modes

Vision Window

Multi-Button Control Panel

Bluetooth Music Connectivity

Soothing Treatment for &Tired Temples

6 air compression bags comfortably fit the shape of your head and provide a new massage sensation for your eyes using soothing inflation and deflation motion. Ease ailments affecting the eyes due to prolonged screen time, insufficient sleep, daily stress and more.

Enjoy a Massage Without &Interrupting Your Day

Designed with an opening for your eyes to see around you without obstruction while wearing and using the massager. Use the Vision Window to continue your regular day of working on the computer, watching TV or grabbing a snack without any issues.

Heating Function for &Radiant Eyes

Built-in heating pads warm up to a soothing temperature of 104 - 107℉ (40℃-42℃) based on your desired preference. Enjoy a warm compress sensation while having a massage or use as a standalone feature to prevent dry eyes.

Your Choice of Music

Choose from two calming musical tracks or create your own selection with a Bluetooth function that enables you to connect to the built-in speakers and beam in a relaxing playlist of your choosing.

The Little Things You’ll Love

Sleek Look

Mirrored Shell Design adds an aesthetic charm that looks premium without compromising durability, functionality, and convenience.

Adjustable Strap

Elastic headband made to fit heads of all shapes and sizes with an easy-pull buckle to loosen and tighten as needed.

Charge up and use anywhere

Collapsible folding design protects the soft and breathable inner lining so you can safely bring your massager with you anywhere you go.