A black Renpho Eyeris Shift Eye Massager with an adjustable strap, sleek rectangular central unit, and padded eye coverings. The central unit features control buttons for heat, massage intensity, and power. The Renpho logo is displayed on the front along with an upward-pointing arrow symbol. (A)

Eyeris Shift Eye Massager

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Precio habitual Precio de venta $62.99
A man wearing Renpho Eyeris Shift Eye Massager goggles smiles. The image highlights various modes and pressure levels of the device, including Tension Relief (eyes and temple) and Retinal Protection (eyes only). Pressure levels are Soft, Medium, Strong, and No Pressure.
A woman wearing a black blazer sits on a brown chair, smiling while using a Renpho Eyeris Shift Eye Massager. The text above her reads, "Heightened Heat Comfort - Designed with increased heating area for more effective warmth therapy." A chart shows three heat options: Low, Medium, and High Heat.
A black Renpho Eyeris Shift Eye Massager is placed on a wooden desk. Above it, text reads "Convenient & Safe" with information about its memory function and auto-off timers. The graphic shows three time settings: 10 mins, 20 mins, and 30 mins. A note mentions a "No Timer" option for music and Bluetooth use.
A person washes a black eye mask liner under a water faucet in a sink. Above the image, an illustration shows the washer-friendly liner detaching from the Eyeris Shift Eye Massager. The text below reads: "Removable & Washable Eye Mask Liner. Crafted for convenience and cleanliness, this liner ensures your eye mask stays fresh with every wear.
A comparison chart shows features of two products: a heated eye massager and a Bluetooth sleep mask from Renpho. The Eyeris Shift Eye Massager offers more features, including heat, memory, adjustable pressure levels, and timers. The sleep mask lacks heat, timers, adjustable pressure, and memory functions.
Image of a 2-in-1 Renpho Eyeris Shift Eye Massager device that functions as both an eye massager and an eye mask. The top section displays the heated eye massager with labeled features including heat therapy, compression, light blocking, and music. The lower section shows a person using the device as an eye massager and another as a Bluetooth sleep mask.
A man reads a book in bed next to a woman wearing a Renpho Eyeris Shift Eye Massager with audio functionality. Musical notes and text "Music" and "audiobook" are illustrated above the woman. Below, a smartphone screen shows audio playing. Text reads: "Immersive Audio Experience" with details on the audio features.


  • Optional 3 Compression and 3 Heats: Choose from 3 pressure modes (Eyes & Temples, Eyes Only, Temples Only) to target specific areas for best eye fatigue relief. Each mode has 3 pressure levels (soft/medium/strong ) and 3 heating options (107°F/113°F/118°F), giving you complete control over the intensity and temperature of your heated eye massager mask to match your personal massage needs
  • 2-in-1 Versatile Design: Renpho 2-in-1 Eyeris Shift Eye Mask Massager combines the benefits of an eye massager and an eye mask. You can not only use the pressure and heat of the eye massager to relieve eye fatigue, migraines, sinus, and dry eyes after long hours of screen work or studying, but you can also relax before bed. Remove the pressure module from the eye care device and enjoy the warmth, blackout, music and improved sleep provided by the Bluetooth sleep mask
  • Washable Eye Mask Liner & Upgraded Heating Pad: Upgraded eye massager comes with a washable and removable eye mask liner, the liner ensures your eye mask stays fresh and clean with every wear. The upgraded and softer heating pads prevents hard objects from hitting your nose and reduce the stress on the bridge of your nose. Coupled with the eye mask cover, you can enjoy massage without any burden
  • 3 Timers & 1.5H Fast Charging: The eye care device offers 3 preset timer options (10/20/30mins), choose the duration that best suits your preference without having to wake up in the middle to turn it off. It also supports 1.5H fast charging with a 5V 2A adapter and can be used for up to 240mins on a single charge
  • Memory Function: The massaging eye mask also has a memory function, so once you turn it on again, the face massager mask will automatically recall the working mode settings from the last time you used it, creating a tailored experience for you
  • Adjustable Stereo Speakers & Bluetooth Music: Experience the convenience of Bluetooth, allowing you to wirelessly connect your smartphone and play your favorite music through the eye massager with a sleep mask. You can adjust the position of the in-ear stereo speakers to direct the sound specifically to your ears, minimizing disturbance to others and creating a truly peaceful environment