App Installation

Note: Due to continuing updates and improvements, the "Renpho Health" App may appear slightly different.

Download the App

1. Search and download “Renpho Health” App from Apple Store or Google Play.

Note: For iPad download, please choose filters-support-iPhone only.

2. Open the "Renpho Health" App. To create a new account, tap “Sign up” following the in-app instruc_x005ftions. If you already have an account, tap “Login In”.

Note: With a "Renpho Health" account, you can also allow your family and friends to use your nutrition scale.

Add Device

1) Enable Bluetooth in your phone’s settings. Make sure your phone is connected to the mobile network/WLAN. Then turn on your scale and make sure the screen lights up.

Note: For iOS 13 or later software version, please allow 'Renpho Health' to access Bluetooth in phone settings.

2) Keep the phone close to the scale and wait 3-5 seconds. A pop-up window will then appear on the app to allow you to pair your phone with the device.

3) Alternatively, tap “ + ” on the upper right corner to connect manually.

Tap “Nutrition Scale” to connect the device following the in-app instructions.

Fill in

After pairing, you need to fill in the following information and then start your plan.

Search Food and Weight Measurement

1) Tap " What’s on the scale? " for food information or to add new food.

2) Input the name of the food in the search (for example: "BANANA").

Note: The App also supports adding custom food.

3) View the nutrition facts of the food selected and then tap " ✔ " to confirm the food you intend to weigh.

4) Once you weigh your food, you can see the weight and detailed nutrition contents. Tap "Add to plate" to confirm.

Plate and Diary

1) View today’s calorie intake and food record on the “Plate” page.Tap “Confirm” to save the food record to the “Diary”.

2) View your historical nutrition record and nutrition report on the “Diary ” page.


Adjust the following functions on the “Settings” page. For example, you can set the shutdown time by tapping “Display-Off”.

Coffee Maker

Tap the “coffee” icon on the homepage for the coffee maker function including tracking the brewing time, the ratio of coffee to water, etc.

How to Sync with Apple Health?

Scan the QR code or check out our website of detailed instruction.