A Renpho Active Thermacool machine with a red light designed specifically for targeting deep tissue and alleviating back pain using massage gun technology. (A)
Relieve muscle fatigue with Renpho Active Thermacool, a deep tissue heat & cool therapy. (A)
This Renpho Active Thermacool massage gun is equipped with a powerful 3200 true brushless motor, ideal for targeting deep tissue and relieving muscle fatigue. (A)
Renpho Active Thermacool - c charging massage gun for deep tissue muscle fatigue. (A)
Use the Renpho Active Thermacool massage gun to alleviate muscle fatigue and promote deep tissue relaxation. (A)

Renpho Active Thermacool

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Powerful Massage Gun Deep Tissue -- We are dedicated to offering a more exquisite and intense sports massage gun for back pain; With premium metal housing and a super powerful brushless motor, the RENPHO New muscle massage gun delivers depth high penetration reaches and massages muscle tissue 10mm depth, better relieve muscle fatigue and pain.

Give your body the comfort it needs with a massage head that provides all-in-one heating and cooling action. Designed to speed recovery, increase range of motion, and reduce muscle soreness no matter if it is from long nights in the office or following an intense workout session.

Applying heat increases blood flow which relieves stiffness and loosens up muscles to help reduce injury pre-workout

Cooling down post-workout helps to reduce blood flow and inflammation, by effectively targeting the area of muscle soreness, blood vessels can be constricted and also simultaneously divert the source of pain away from the affected area.

  • Provides relief for various muscle groups
  • More exquisite and intense sports massage gun for back pain
  • Target hard-to-reach spots on your body due to its design
  • Deeper muscle relaxation and stress relief
  • Interchangeable heads to target different body parts

2000mAh battery capacity

Speed: 5 built-in speeds (3200 percussions per minute)

Battery life

140 minutes total

Head attachments

Heating and Cooling Head x1 & Standard Massage Heads x4


Size: 7.3 in x 5.7 in x 2.3 in

Weight: 1.5lb


  • Handheld Massager
  • 5 Massage Head
  • AC Charger
  • Massage Stand
  • Manual

Please consult your doctor before use if you are any of the following persons:

  • - Persons who had undergone eye surgery or eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataract and retinal detachment
  • - The elderly
  • - Pregnant or postpartum women
  • - Persons allergic to leather, gel or polyester fabric
  • - Persons with skin infections, sensitivity, redness and/or burns on the skin
  • - Persons with any swelling or wound around the eye area
  • - Persons using a pacemaker or other implantable medical devices
  • - Persons with a heart condition, malignant tumors, or other serious health conditions
  • - Persons undergoing medical treatment
  • - Persons with high or abnormal blood pressure