A silver Renpho Eyeris 2 Eye Massager Extend with a sleek, curved design and black accents. The device features adjustable compression intensity, a smooth surface, an adjustable head strap, and a cushioned interior for comfort. It covers the eyes and part of the forehead, tailored to reduce eye fatigue and provide a relaxing massage experience. (A)

Eyeris 2 Eye Massager Extend

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An image showcasing the Renpho Eyeris 2 Eye Massager Extend with adjustable compression intensity and physical buttons. The device is displayed on a stylish circular table. The image highlights features such as compression, heat, and vibration settings. Three buttons control power, volume, and heat modes. Instructions are provided for each function.
A woman wearing a red-tinted Eyeris 2 Eye Massager Extend by Renpho and wrapped in a beige blanket sits comfortably, holding a pink mug with both hands. Text on the image reads: "2 Levels of Heat Adjustable. Heating pads and adjustable compression intensity help reduce eye fatigue at 104-113°F to help you relax after a long day.
A woman with long brown hair is sitting on a couch, smiling and wearing a Renpho Eyeris 2 Eye Massager Extend with built-in headphones. A smartphone near her displays a music app with a song playing. The text on the image says, "Customize Your Favorite Music - Connect your smartphone and stream your own music." Musical notes and icons for Bluetooth and music streaming are also featured.
A grey wearable device, likely a Renpho Eyeris 2 Eye Massager Extend, features a control panel with buttons. The blue sound icon indicates silent mode features and adjustable compression intensity. Displayed above reflective water, it promotes its new functionality. Text above reads, "Added Silent Mode Features to Reduce Eye Fatigue.
A silver handheld Eyeris 2 Eye Massager Extend by Renpho with three circular buttons and a power button on the side. Text on the image highlights features like "Long-life Battery" with "1500 mAh battery" and "supports up to 1 week of moderate use." Another text states "90-240 min use." A black strap is attached, offering adjustable compression intensity to reduce eye fatigue.


  • New Extended Pad with Kneading & Pressing - Our eye massager integrates massage, com-pression, and vibration with the newly designed extended pad which can better massage your temple. Good to reduce eye fatigue for anyone working long days or studying late at night.
  • 2 Levels Com-pression & Heat Settings: Choose between 2 adjustable com-pression intensity settings to increase your state of calm. Enable a soothing heat of 104℉or get a deeper heat of 113℉ to help with eye puffiness, dry eyes, and more.
  • Bluetooth & Silent mode & Voice Broadcast: You can turn on the speaker and stream your own music by connecting to the device wirelessly. if necessary, the voice broadcast & music can be turned off at any time, enjoy a deeper sleep at night.