Massage Guns as Percussive Therapy: Science & Benefits

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percussive therapy massage gun
By Flo Milano

Percussive therapy is used in a massage gun to manipulate your body’s soft tissue. Although, what is the science behind percussive therapy and massage guns? Read on to learn about it as well as its proven benefits and the best time to use one.

The Evolution of Percussion Massagers

Muscle healing was something that was mainly addressed in beauty parlors and spas and in sports recovery. You'd go to a specialist, who would massage your muscles to relieve pain, promote blood flow, and relax muscular knots.

Doing percussive massage to your muscles is frequently excruciatingly painful. However, the type of "painful" that is truly beneficial. However, some industry technologists devised a more efficient solution.

After all, chopping away at your muscles was and probably still is beneficial, but it takes time and is exhausting, especially for the therapist.

The Science Behind Massage Gun as Percussive Therapy

Percussive therapy is a type of massage that is commonly used in massage guns instead of a masseuse’s hands.

It uses quick striking strokes and repetitive pressure on specific areas of the body to relieve post-workout soreness and speed up muscle recovery. The massage gun’s head pounds away from the targeted soft tissues in a rhythmic motion that leads to soothing results in the body.

Massage guns penetrate deeper than foam rollers or human hands, making them ideal for those with tight tension knots deep within the layers of muscles and fascia.

Science-backed Benefits of Percussion Massage

Early research has discovered a number of significant advantages of percussive massage in pre-, post-workout regimens and more. Here are some of its benefits:

Improves athletic performance

Percussion massage helps improve blood circulation and oxygen distribution, especially in the areas of the body that need it.

Percussive treatment, when used before a workout, has been proven to improve blood flow, flexibility, muscle strength and physical performance, all of which contribute to better workouts and a lower risk of injury.

Prevents Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

DOMS is the muscle soreness you feel a day or two after a particularly tough workout. This soreness is thought to be caused by microscopic injury to the muscle fibers that have been exercised during the activity.

Research has proven that percussive massage is just as beneficial as a traditional massage–which meant kneading and rubbing the body using the hands–in treating DOMS. Using a massage gun to give the treatment can break up fibrous adhesions, relax tight muscles and drastically reduce discomfort.

Improves flexibility

Practicing yoga is one way to boost flexibility, and percussion massage can make it easier for you to flex your muscles and body. For instance, research has shown that a five-minute massage boosted the range of motion in the calf, prompting them to advocate it as a method for improving a person’s flexibility.

Improves pain management

Percussion massage therapy has proven to relieve people suffering from chronic pain. Percussive therapy can give high-frequency stimulation that might block or disguise the pain.

The vibration and amplitude created by a massage gun can deliver signals to the brain quicker than pain signals can travel, thus overriding pain signals and therefore reducing pain.

Although percussion massage is calming, it may also really get your blood pounding. The vibrations caused by percussion massage can aid in enhancing blood flow, which also alleviates muscle inflammation and tension.

Massage is known for its ability to break down scar tissue in general. Percussion massage is thought to be especially beneficial because it penetrates deeper into the muscles, breaking down the collagen strands that can create movement restrictions.

All RENPHO Massage Guns aim for powerful deep muscle treatment that features high vibration frequency and speed levels with a variety of massage heads designed to target specific muscle groups for a more relaxing percussion therapy session.

When to Use a Massage Gun

When do you think you'll need to use a massage gun? Is there a set time when a percussion massager should be used? Here are some scenarios in which you can use a massage gun:

1. Before working out

Massage guns are a recovery device, but you can surely use them before a workout session. It also prepares your muscles for the workout by activating the “fight-or-flight” mechanism which prepares your body for physical action.

2. In between sets of your workout

You can use a massage gun between sessions throughout your workout. When you sense the tension in the muscle group you're working out, this could happen. Instead of stretching, utilize your massage gun in this situation for brief seconds to get the muscle to contract.

3. After working out

Of course, your body is in a stressful state in this situation, and the greatest thing you can do is soothe it. Aim for the muscle's belly and stay away from joints and bony parts. It is not advised that you massage your muscles right away, but allow your body to rest for a few hours before getting to work. You can also use various massage heads for different parts.

4. After a long hectic day at work

You can spend a few minutes using a massage gun when you get home from the busy office. The massage gun is definitely a must-have to help ease your stressed muscles.

A qualified professional massage therapist with years of specialized training and a machine is incomparable. A massage therapist, unlike any equipment, will be able to go much deeper.

The RENPHO Massage Guns make it convenient for you because it’s handheld. So, you can easily carry it in your bag to the gym, office or while traveling!