In The News: RENPHO Eye Massagers and Smart Scales Steal the Show

In The News: RENPHO Eye Massagers and Smart Scales Steal the Show

Capturing the essence of innovation in wellness technology, RENPHO has once again made headlines with the Eyeris 1 Eye Massager and Elis 1 Smart Body Scale. These devices have been the talk of the town, receiving a flurry of news coverage over the past week. The Eyeris 1, known for its relaxing massage capabilities, and the Elis 1, acclaimed for its smart health tracking, have both been celebrated for their state-of-the-art features and user-centric design. Join us as we take a closer look at the media buzz surrounding these revolutionary products from RENPHO.

Elis 1 Feature - Yahoo! Life


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The Elis 1 Smart Body Scale made its special feature on Yahoo! Life, being labeled as "Amazon's No. 1 bestselling bathroom scale". It tracks 13 biometrics, including body fat, muscle mass, and BMI. The article praised its sleek design, backlit screen, and compatibility with various apps that make it a user-friendly and accurate choice. 

"This scale is great! It is accurate, has a low-profile construction, and the mobile app is great. Once paired and setup in the app, to weigh in all you have to do is open the app on your phone and step on the scale! It quickly and seamlessly imports the data into your app on the phone in seconds. I was afraid I would have to pair the phone to the scale over and over, but never have had to!"

The Eyeris 1 as a Lazy Day Product - BuzzFeed


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RENPHO made BuzzFeed's list of products that guarantee an even better lazy day. BuzzFeed Writer Heather Braga described the Eyeris 1 as "a heated eye massager complete with five different massage modes and Bluetooth music so you can fully indulge and relax while relieving pain from eye strain and headaches." 

"The quality is top-notch, the strap that goes around your head is comfortable, and most importantly, the duration of each mode is long enough that it doesn’t interrupt your rest. I work a 12-hour night shift as a nurse, and this technology has helped me get through the night easily.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽"

An Eye Massager for Headaches (Eyeris 1) - Cosmopolitan 


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Noted as the "best all-around eye massager", Cosmopolitan Contributor Megan Schaltegger gave her thoughts on the Eyeris 1. She mentioned seeing the device on TikTok around Christmas, and was excited to finally have her own. With five massage mode and a heating pad, the eye massager "provides just the right amount of pressure with a head strap that won't cause tension" - making it perfect for relaxing headaches. She also included a rave review on the Eyeris 1:

"The RENPHO Eyeris 1 Eye Massager has transformed my relaxation routine, providing an oasis of tranquility for my tired eyes and a soothing escape from the demands of the day. This innovative device, equipped with heat, Bluetooth music, and an intelligent design, elevates the experience of eye massage to new heights."

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