RENPHO Bags the 2024 Ask Men Best Fitness Tech Award with the REACH

RENPHO Bags the 2024 Ask Men Best Fitness Tech Award with the REACH

RENPHO is proud to announce that the RENPHO REACH Massage Gun has been honored with the prestigious Ask Men Best Fitness Tech Award 2024. This accolade underscores our dedication to pioneering and quality within the realm of fitness technology.  

Among other health and wellness products in the list, the REACH Massage Gun was awarded as one of the Best Wearables, Trackers, Apps & Recovery Tools of 2024, with Ask Men saying: “If you don’t want to shell out the big bucks for a top-of-the-line massage gun but still want something both functional and affordable, the RENPHO Reach deserves your attention. It offers a powerful, 2,800 RPM brushless motor with five adjustable speed settings, plus a detachable extension handle that makes it incredibly easy to massage even your lower and mid back. With a three-hour battery life and four different head designs, this is, bar none, the best and most versatile massage gun for the price.” 

Jonathan Baggia, Marketing Manager at RENPHO, was ecstatic to see the massage gun and brand make the list.

“Winning this Ask Men Award is an honor. Truly, it is a testament to our dedicated RENPHO Product Research and Development Team who work hard to master new innovations that integrate seamlessly into our millions of users' wellness routines. In today's day and age, rising healthcare and costs of living are a struggle far too many can relate to. To be recognized by Ask Men as a budget-friendly health solution means that our brand is successfully extending ourselves to consumers who need relief and recovery, but aren't willing to shell out for exuberantly pricey solutions. This is the RENPHO #SmartHealthSimplifed value and I am proud to see it recognized in this publication,” he said. 

Boasting state-of-the-art features and innovative technology, the RENPHO REACH Massage Gun is engineered to improve post-workout recovery and elevate muscle function. Offering potent, tailor-made percussion therapy, it ensures profound muscular relief, facilitating a smoother journey towards achieving fitness objectives.   

The RENPHO REACH Massage Gun is available for purchase. Click here to learn more.  

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