RENPHO Launches the Gold Eyeris 3, the Premium Standard for Luxury and Elegance

RENPHO Launches the Gold Eyeris 3, the Premium Standard for Luxury and Elegance

RENPHO is proud to announce the launch of the Gold Eyeris 3, a premium eye massager that offers a variety of features and benefits for the eyes and mind. This unique gold colorway was created to commemorate RENPHO’s position as the #1 best-selling eye massager.

The Gold Eyeris 3 is the latest innovation from RENPHO, which has been creating high-quality wellness products since 2015. It was pre-launched exclusively to loyal customers as a limited-edition of the Eyeris 3 on November 22, 2023, ahead of the Black Friday sales period and was an immediate success.

The Eyeris 3 was released earlier this summer, it was designed from the ground up by listening to customer feedback, multiple improvements have been made to the cult favorite — adding more features to enhance the eye massage experience. Unlike most competitor products that fit only smaller faces and don’t fully reach the temples, the Eyeris 3 has a redesigned shape that fits most users while extending the sides for better temple massage.

Aside from its luxurious feel, the premium eye massager also has a user-friendly control panel that allows users to adjust the intensity, mode, temperature, and time of the massage. Moreover, the voice command feature enables users to control the device hands-free by saying simple commands such as “sound on/off”, “vibration on/off”, and “change mode”.

Another unique feature of the Eyeris 3 is the cooling gel option that gives an alternative to regular warming, which can help soothe the eyes, reduce puffiness, and refresh the skin. The cooling gel mask can be attached to the device and stored in the refrigerator when not in use.

Wesley Tong, Industrial Design Manager at RENPHO, said: “I’m proud to introduce the new Eyeris 3 for RENPHO. We designed it from the ground up by listening to our customer feedback and making multiple improvements while adding more features to enhance eye massages. We wanted Eyeris 3 to be the premium standard of wellness and a fashion statement for our customers. We see the new Gold edition helping turn heads, sparking more conversation and for more people to know about this new experience.


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The Gold Eyeris 3 will be available exclusively on for $115.99 from December 5, 2023. The limited-edition product will only be available for a short time, so customers who are interested in purchasing the Gold Eyeris 3 can visit the RENPHO store while stocks last.

For more information about the Eyeris 3 and other RENPHO products, visit or follow RENPHO on Instagram and TikTok.


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