A Health Bundle, called Renpho Aspire, that combines the functionality of a digital bathroom scale with the convenience of a clock. The design features strawberries for a touch of fun and playfulness.

Health Bundle

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Smart Tape Measure Y001

Measure your body with the Smart Tape Measure to get an accurate reading of your body circumference. Designed for measuring different body parts, this teel is perfect for weight lifters, bodybuilders, and athletes to track muscle percentage.

Elis Aspire Smart Body Scale (Black)

Track your weight and fitness goals with the Elis Aspire Smart Body Scale. Perfect for those looking to get fit or learn about your body type with 13 body metrics. Connect with Wi-Fi for greater convenience and automatically sync to the Renpho Health app. Step on the scale, track your data, and see your trends overtime.

Calibra 1 Smart Nutrition Scale (Silver)

Break down your food into 23 nutrition facts and monitor your food intake thanks to the Calibra 1. Whether you're calorie counting or want to be more mindful about meal portion sizes, take charge of your health today when you connect to the Renpho Health app to calculate calorie intake