How and When Should I Clean/Replace My Renpho Air Purifier’s Filter? (Model RP-AP001)

Find out here when and how you should clean or replace the pre-filter, the Charcoal filters, Activated carbon filter, and HEPA filter of your Renpho Air Purifier.

Air Purifier Structure

When Should I Replace the Air Purifier Filters

When one of the filters is almost full and has to be cleaned or replaced, the appropriate filter replacement light starts to flash. We suggest replacing the filter every 6 months. Normally, the light flashes after running 6 months. 

The filters' lifetime is based on your house air quality and usage time (assuming 24h being on). The suggested replacement period is just for your reference. Using the appliance in a humid environment will reduce the lifetime of the activated carbon filter and HEPA filter.


How Can I Replace the Air Purifier Filters 



Common Issues and Solutions

This chapter summarizes the most common problems you could encounter with the appliance. If you are unable to solve the problem with the information below, contact us directly via e-mail at or phone: 1-844-417-0149

Problem Possible cause Possible solution
The appliance doesn't work Back cover cannot be fastened in place Remove the back cover and re-install it.
The power plug is not connected to a power supply. Unplug and then plug the power in again. 
The machine does not turn on Plugin the power and turn on the machine again.
Outlet airflow significantly reduced Filter's plastic packaging hasn’t been removed Filter's plastic packaging should be removed before use.
Air quality is good, and the Auto mode has been activated. To exit the Auto mode by pressing the speed button; the appliance will revert to manual control and the Auto mode light will turn off.
Night mode automatically starts and the LED indicator turns off. Meanwhile, the fan speed and noise is also reduced. Manually select your preferred fan speed.
The Pre-filter is dirty. Clean the Pre-filter.
The filters haven't be replaced. Replace the filter(s).
Not enough clearance and space for ventilation Make sure the rear and sides of the device have 40cm of clearance.
Fan speed can't adjust automatically Air quality sensor becomes damp or the indoor temperature is too high, which causes condensation to form on the sensor surface. Keep the air quality sensor clean and dry.
Poor performance or not enough purification capacity Room coverage exceeds the applicable area. Use the air purifier in a room with an applicable area.
Air inlet or outlet of the machine is blocked. Remove blocking object.
Too noisy Filter's plastic packaging hasn’t been removed Filter's plastic packaging should be removed before use.
Air quality indicator color unchanged The air quality sensor is dirty. Clean the air quality sensor.
Indoor air ventilation is poor. Open the window and improve air ventilation.
After replacing the filter, the filter replacement indicator still flashing Filter's lifetime is not reset correctly. Check the manual instructions for "Reset Filter's lifetime".

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