Is Treadmill Running A Better Choice Than Outdoor Running?

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treadmill running vs outdoor running
By Flo Milano

Running is a superb cardio workout since it gets your heart pumping, gets your blood flowing and your calories burning. They both have health advantages such as lowering blood pressure, improving endurance and ensuring you have healthier well-being.

Ultimately, a runner’s goals, preferences, health concerns and other factors will determine which option is “better.”

They are just two ways that you can change up your training. Find out more about why treadmill running may be better than outdoor running, as well as the RENPHO Smart Treadmill’s exceptional features below!

2 Main Differences Between Treadmill Running and Outdoor Running


You can exercise at home or at the gym with a treadmill while running outdoors you’re using a running track, a concrete sidewalk, or a nature trail environment.

Air Resistance

There is air resistance when jogging outside, especially when you’re going against the wind. The resistance could be difficult to overcome in tempo runs. On the other hand, there is no air resistance when jogging on a treadmill.


Running is a dynamic exercise that requires you to propel yourself off the ground with a hardback leg push while driving your front knee forward, land and stabilize on the front leg, then drive your back knee forward and repeat.

A comparison of the two kinds of workout methods is the first step in the debate between treadmill running and outdoor running. We’ve outlined some of the important factors below such as muscle activation, controlling the pace and more.

Muscle Activation

Outside Running

Running outside requires higher muscle recruitment overall, but your posterior chain, which moves your body forward, is important.

There is a lot going on, so even just running requires the use of your glutes, hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, hip flexors, and stabilizers, in addition to your core and upper body movements.

Treadmill Running

You may have observed that using a treadmill makes running physically simpler.

You run against a moving belt that essentially pulls your legs in the other direction. There is more emphasis on your calves, quadriceps, and hip flexors and less activation of your glutes and hamstrings because you don't have to push yourself forward. Running on a treadmill uses less energy than running outside because of this.

The good news is that by adjusting the treadmill's slope to at least level 1.2, you can level the playing field and improve glute activation.

Controlling the Pace and Tracking Progress

Outside Running

Running outside offers plenty of opportunities to hone abilities including breath control, pace control, and more.

By bolstering the lateral stabilizers in the muscles that move the ankles, knees and hips, all of these organic components help lower the likelihood of injuries in the future.

It is difficult to determine your actual pace while running unless you have a watch with a screen that displays your pace. Even if you wear a fitness tracker, it might be challenging to keep up your pace on the road because of wind, hills, pedestrians and other factors.

Treadmill Running

Running on a treadmill enables you to keep a steady pace. You have control over your speed, incline, and duration when using a treadmill. Any of these factors can be altered by pressing a button. That implies that all you have to do to run more quickly is speed up the belt.

The RENPHO Smart Treadmill is made with a multi-functional display that lets you see your health data as well as your progress during a running session. Plus, you have control over the speed and duration of your run as well as the time you spend doing it.

Impact on the Joints

Outdoor Running

You cannot control where you’re running outside. Hard surfaces stress your joints while you're running outdoors, which might result in impact or other serious problems.

Treadmill Running

The impact of your feet will be absorbed by a treadmill, reducing the strain on your knees and ankles.

Treadmill machines offer supportive padding, while pavements do not. Many people feel that jogging on the road is worse on their ankles, knees and hips than running on a treadmill.

Ease of Use, Safety and Enjoyment

Outdoor Running

You can run outside for free at any time, regardless of the gym’s hours. Although, it can be tricky to run outside and push your limits, especially if you're training alone.

Running outside in the dark or with poor vision might be risky as well as being alone in a place with few pedestrians might also be dangerous.

Treadmill Running

Running on a treadmill lets you run on your own time, even in bad weather, late at night or when you need to keep an eye on your pet or child.

Treadmill running also means you avoid the hazards of running outside such as moving cars or being exposed to an unsafe environment. It might make it simpler to push oneself, particularly when sprinting.

The RENPHO Smart Treadmill offers comprehensive running courses that you can choose from with the RENPHO Health app. You can also go freestyle by adjusting the settings on the fly using the Manual Mode or set a Target Exercise whether it’s running the full distance, enduring a time limit or meeting the calories burned requirement.

What the RENPHO Smart Treadmill Offers

Have you decided to opt for treadmill running over outdoor running? The RENPHO Smart Treadmill is a perfect choice!

Workout whenever you want, completely on your own terms. With clever app-integrated routes, this treadmill enables you to run from the comfort of your home come rain or shine.

15 Power Courses with the RENPHO Health App

The RENPHO Smart Treadmill lets you connect with the RENPHO Health app and train with its Power Courses to challenge your fitness level. You can train your way from body rocker beginner to elite endurance runner or design your own workout.

Adjustable Incline and Speed Levels

With tread inclines from 25°±3° and a speed range of 0.6 to 11 miles per hour, you can train with the most hardcore workout without having to worry about your machine’s capability. The incline levels are mainly:

Level 1 to 6: Flat Road Mode

Level 7 to 12: Climbing Mode

Level 13 to 18: Mountaineering Mode

The Smart Treadmill also features non-flex rollers for zero-friction movement even at top run speeds.

Data & Heart Rate Monitoring

The RENPHO Smart Treadmill is equipped with a LED Panel that displays your workout data such as distance, time and number of calories you burned. It also features a quick reading of your health data during your workout to ensure that you stay within the ideal heart rate zone.

It is also designed with a built-in wireless speaker so you can stream your favorite music tracks while working out.

Power-Saving Function

The Smart Treadmill has an energy-saving function that monitors your battery while helping to reduce energy and power consumption. The RENPHO Smart Treadmill is designed to lend a helping hand to the cause of a greener and more energy-conscious planet.

Ergonomic Comfort & Shock-Absorbent Design

The powerful motor with low working dB allows you to walk, jog or run on the machine quietly and smoothly while protecting your knees and makes running more comfortable with its widened running belt and shock-absorbent design. The Smart Treadmill is also created with 2 PVC cursing and 6 rubber pads on the bottom for extra comfort.

Safe & Convenient

The 18-inch wide running belt ensures you keep your feet in front of you, side handrails provide extra grip support and the safety key puts the brakes on in case of emergency. It is designed to be folded vertically to reduce footprint by up to 50% and can also be moved using its transport wheels.

Is Treadmill Running for You?

You may stay motivated to exercise and adhere to your fitness schedule by keeping track of your workout progress and outcomes. One of the main reasons treadmill training is so effective is that you can observe your development and ability to run longer or faster right away.

Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Check out the RENPHO Smart Treadmill here, right now!