What Are the Top Benefits of Riding a Stationary Exercise Bike?

What Are the Top Benefits of Riding a Stationary Exercise Bike?

Benefits of Riding a Stationary Exercise Bike

You’ve finally bought your RENPHO AI Smart Bike and you’ve readied everything—from your water bottle to your dedicated Netflix tablet, but have you ever wondered, “Wait a minute. What do exercise bikes help with aside from losing weight?”

This article will introduce you to everything you need to know about the many benefits of cycling machines, including how to make the most out of your new RENPHO AI Smart Bike.

We’ll discuss how RENPHO’s AI Smart Bike can improve your cardio, tone and strengthen your legs, and keep you safe while improving your physical fitness.

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What Does a Stationary Bike Work Out?

What are exercise bikes good for? Aside from helping you lose weight, your RENPHO AI Smart Bike will tone and strengthen your leg’s main muscle groups.

These muscles include your calves, thighs, glutes, and even your feet.

You might also be surprised to learn that bike machine benefits also include strengthening your biceps and triceps as well as your deltoids.


If you’re new to riding an exercise bike, or haven’t ridden in a while, using your RENPHO AI Smart Bike for the first few minutes will definitely make your legs burn.

The AI Smart exercise bike will work your main calf muscles, the gastrocnemius, and soleus.

The gastrocnemius is the major part of the calf that allows you to move, while the soleus’ job is to help you lift your heel.

Riding a stationary bike will also benefit your thighs, which are composed of your hamstrings and quadriceps. Your hamstrings and tibial muscles give your knee the power needed to operate the bike’s pedals, while your quadriceps allow you to push down on the pedals with a tremendous amount of force to keep the bike “moving”.

Finally, a stationary bike workout also benefits your gluteal muscles also known as your butt. This muscle group includes the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus.

These 3 muscles make up your bottom and work together with your hips so you can rotate your hips while cycling. One of the most popular cycling machine benefits you’ll receive from riding is strengthening these muscles to tone your bum!


What does riding a stationary bike work out, aside from your legs?

You may be surprised to find out that using the RENPHO AI Smart Bike also strengthens and tones your abdominal muscles, giving that much-desired flat-looking stomach.

Your core musculature is targeted and utilized as you pedal, working your abs and tightening them. With your core engaged, you’ll pedal more efficiently, allowing you to ride with better balance and more control.


Another one of the important benefits of riding a stationary bike is that it also works out your back.

While you ride the bike, your ab muscles do most of the work to take pressure off your back muscles, increasing its strength, particularly of your erector spinae, which is also crucial for improving balance.

Top Benefits of Riding an Exercise Bike

What makes a stationary exercise bike a better option that other forms of working out? Here’s a list of several compelling reasons to exercise with the RENPHO AI Smart Bike!

Low Impact Exercise

One of the great things about using your RENPHO AI Smart Bike is that it offers a low-impact workout. Maintaining a consistent, even movement while pedaling strengthens your bones and joints without putting too much pressure on them, like running, jogging, or other high-impact cardiovascular exercises would.

Weight Loss

Depending on the settings you choose on your AI Gym app, biking virtually guarantees weight loss. In just 1 hour, you can burn 500 calories or more. When increasing your cycling intensity, those calories burned build muscle, leading to fat loss. Just remember that, to lose weight, you’ll need to burn more calories than you consume, so if your goal is weight loss, then you’ll have to get your diet under control too.

Improved Cardio

Not only does biking offer low impact exercise, but cycling offers significant cardiovascular benefits too, including providing an excellent workout for your heart, lungs, and blood vessels! In case you are not aware, your heart is a muscular organ and cardio exercises are a great way to make it healthier and stronger.

Safer Than Road Cycling

The benefits of riding a stationary bike include safety from inattentive drivers or other cyclists, uneven roads, and other environmental hazards like rain or snow.

Interval Training

For those not aware, interval training is a particularly effective way to improve your fitness, which requires mixing short bursts of intense activity with longer intervals of lesser intensity exercise. Your RENPHO AI Smart Bike allows this kind of training to help you burn more calories in less time, elevating your cardiovascular fitness and improving your energy levels.

RENPHO AI Smart Bike

Still not convinced? below are several additional benefits you’ll be able to enjoy should you choose to purchase. After reading through this list, you’ll realize that our bike offers far more functionality than other bikes on the market, since it’s smart, more dependable, and far more advanced. Here’s why:

Personalized Workouts

Workouts Automatically Adjust to Your Fitness Level Via FTP Technology

The Functional Threshold Power or FTP is custom-tailored based on your performance data and allows the bike to automatically adjust resistance to match your level, power and goals.

70+ Fitness Classes

With over 70 unique classes and 4 courses available, your only problem will be choosing which specific class would be best for any particular workout. Aside from that, it is continually updated to add more courses and features. This is all completely free on the AI Gym app!

AI Gym App

The AI Gym app is available for both IOS and Android users, and it is full of features just waiting to be unleashed, including a personal trainer for video cycling courses, virtual racing competitions online, fitness data reports, Apple Health and Google Fit synchronization and much more!

Our app also makes it easy to maximize the value of your bike whether you’re a beginner or veteran cyclist.

Next Level Technology

Smart Motor Damping

This technology provides users with a smooth and quiet riding experience that automatically adjusts resistance based on your workout needs.

Freewheel Pedal Freedom

If you miss biking outdoors, this feature allows you to coast for that uninterrupted biking experience, something that many stationary exercise bikes simply can’t offer. 

Happy Trails with Friends

Miss the outdoors? We do, too, but with the limiting our ability to get outside, this is the next best thing. Using our AI Gym app, cycling to see scenic views is no longer a distant memory! You can enjoy a scenic ride around the world’s most beautiful trails or get competitive and race against them!

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