How to Replace the Filter on XL Large/Medium RENPHO Air Purifiers

How to Replace the Filter on XL Large/Medium RENPHO Air Purifiers

With all the dust and allergens your air purifier collects from the surrounding environment, you will need to change your air purifier filter (around every 6-8 months) to maximize the quality of the air you breathe.

Please note that you may need to change your filter sooner or later depending on how often you use your air purifier and your house air quality. Pay attention to the following signs when using to keep track of usage intensity:

  • - Increased operating noise
  • - Decreased airflow
  • - Clogged filter
  • - Increased presence of odors

There’s no need to keep track of the date because your model features a filter replacement light indicator that will notify you when it’s time for a switch up! When that time comes, here’s what you need to do.

How to Replace Air Purifier Filter for XL Large/Medium Models


  • - Switch off the appliance and unplug it.
  • - Place the appliance upside down on a soft cloth to avoid scratching. Twist the base cover counterclockwise from LOCK position to OPEN position and unlock the system.
  • - Remove the old filter and replace with new filter.
  • - Turn the base cover clockwise from OPEN position to LOCK position. You will hear a "click" sound to indicate the base cover is fastened.
  • - Put the plug in the wall socket and switch on the appliance.
  • - When you switch on the appliance, the replace filter light will still light up. You will need to reset the filter lifetime sensor, so that the appliance can calculate the filter lifetime once again. To do this, press and hold the ‘replace filter’ icon for 3 seconds and the light will turn off to indicate reset is complete.

How to Clean the Air Purifier

To keep your purifier working longer and more efficiently, clean the filter (pre-filter side only) every 2 weeks by cleaning any dust, hair or fur from the pre-filter and base cover with a vacuum hose. Please remember to avoid cleaning the filter using water or liquid. 

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