A Mother’s Day Success for RENPHO Across Media Platforms with Meaghan Murphy

A Mother’s Day Success for RENPHO Across Media Platforms with Meaghan Murphy

The special Mother’s Day segment featuring lifestyle expert Meaghan Murphy has made a significant impact across various media outlets, according to RENPHO's latest syndication report.

The segment, aptly titled “Mother’s Day with Meaghan Murphy,” celebrated and honored mothers everywhere. The project, which aired on Thursday, May 2, 2024, has since garnered widespread attention across media platforms.

Murphy stopped by Great Day Colorado to virtually round up her ultimate Mother's Day gift recommendations. Among the top picks were the RENPHO Eyeris 1 and Eyeris 3 Eye Massagers. These devices, resembling VR headsets, come with three acupressure modes and features designed to soothe tired eyes and promote overall well-being.

She praised the Eyeris 3 for its heating and cooling modes, which are “fabulous” for reducing puffiness on camera, and its voice-controlled speakers that allow users to enjoy an audiobook or meditation for a complete zen experience.

Who is Meaghan Murphy?



Meaghan B. Murphy is a force of nature in the world of lifestyle and health. Known for her high-energy and upbeat personality, Murphy is an accomplished author, editor, on-air personality, lifestyle and health expert, influencer, home-hack master, and certified trainer. As the Editor-in-Chief of Woman’s Day, she has been a beacon of positivity and practical advice, inspiring her audience to bring their best selves to every moment.

Murphy, also known for her philosophy of finding the “yay” in every day, infused the segment with positivity and energy. Her approach to life and motherhood was evident in the segment, as she shared tips and stories that encouraged viewers to find joy in the everyday moments of parenting with the eye massagers.

Syndication Success

The thematic success of the segment was matched by its syndication achievements:

  1. Television: With 12 stations conducting 13 interviews, the segment achieved 113,598 impressions. News breaks further extended its reach with 259 stations broadcasting 352 times, resulting in 9,458,932 impressions.
  2. Radio: Murphy’s voice reached 119 stations through interviews, with 2,860,783 impressions. The ANR segments were broadcast 1,464 times across 256 stations, amassing 19,203,600 impressions.
  3. Online: The segment’s online presence was marked by features on 3 websites, engaging a unique monthly audience of 123,150.

The combined efforts across television, radio, and online platforms have resulted in a comprehensive and successful campaign, highlighting the importance of Mother’s Day and the value of motherhood. The segment has not only celebrated mothers but also demonstrated the power of media synergy in spreading a heartfelt message.

For more information on RENPHO's syndication successes, stay tuned to our upcoming reports.

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